Gun Show Cheapie...pretty good carry!

Feb 28, 1999
Recently at a gunshow here in S.W. FL I purchased a "Sykes/Fairborn" folder "look-alike" for a mere $12. The blade is a half and half straight edge with half serrated at the heel of the blade. It also incorporates a false edge which could be sharpened.

The handle would appear to be from a kydex-type material. The liner lock device is sound and has proven reliable. The handle incorporates a "removable" clip and also a screw that adjusts the tension on the "button" pushout blade. There are buttons on both sides of this blade for both lefties and righties.

Additionally, I've found that the knife, when carried in either front pocket of my trousers, will "auto" open by merely holding it against the fabric of my pocket at the time a draw is made. This leaves me the option of standing around "looking dumb" and with both hands in my pockets(each holding the same knife!)...very non- threatening...until the time both hands whip from the pockets bearing a pair of matching blades, open and ready!

The only marking on this knife is "rostfrei" and the word "stainless." The overall finish on the blade wasn't too terrible for a cheapo, and frankly, I'd been looking for additional steel that could be left behind if necessary and also allow me to carry my personal preference of (3) blades that are all the same without tying up enough money to pay the national debt!

I pass this on merely for what it might be worth to others who are aware of the benefit of "custom" knives...and their respective and often restrictive bank balances! Furthermore, it took only minutes on a set of sticks to put a serious edge on each of the three knives...and they have held up well through utility use and "slash" testing of a "rump roast" that still has my wife puzzled as to why the "butcher" made all those cuts? ;-)

If anyone can tell me where the knife is made or who the manufacturer is, I'd appreciate it, since they came sans packaging and the dealer couldn't tell me his name, never mind anything important.