Gunmetal Blue Lum Chinese?

Jan 27, 1999
OK folks- what's the skinny on the gunmetal blue Lum? I hear that it's a limited run for a European distributor & that there will be limited quantities available in the US. Am I right? How do I place an order for one? Many thanks for any help.
After some good advise from Carlos, I proceded to order my blue C65 Lum from Mike at Newgraham

I expect to be the only boy on my block to have one.

Carlos told me "Spyderco is manufacturing a single run of Chinese folders with "gunmetal blue" (the same color on the Almite Navigators) for Boker, its distributor for Germany."

Mike at Newgraham added, "no problem in placing a backorder for the Lum Chinese in blue. Price will be the same as our online price which is 109and change. You can place an order on line or toll free and secure with a credit card. Your knife or knives will ship the same day we receive them. I expect delivery mid to late Aug. We will not bill your card till item(s) ship to you. BTW only 600 will be initally produced and only in plain edge. (per Spyderco this date). Spyderco is limiting dealers to 20 of the Lum blue, so I suspect they will get scarce fast. "
Hi guys,

Here is a pic of "gunmetal blue" Almite on the Navigator. Really more of a dark grey than a blue. I hope that they'll eventually do a run in the same light grey Almite used on the Wegner Mouse.

<img src=""></center>
what's the release date on this blade? One place I was looking at didn't know when they would have it in. Can we get them direct from Spyderco? good thing i held off on the regular ones, it's like something told me that there's incoming....:)