Gunner Grips...PIC


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Mar 15, 2002
Just got them at Blade.They are the blue-green with buffalo.Just got them sanded down a little,washed and installed.
Glad to finally get a set,also picked up a Bitteroot.
I am happy.
I got a set, and found them too sharp. How did you sand them down?
Overlord in Colorado
I just used mine this weekend in a level III handgun course fired around 800-900 rounds and no problemsat all.
When they are new they are very sharp.I put them on at Blade and by the end of the day I was really feeling them on my side.
All I did to smooth them up was to lightly sand over the dimples and edges in all directions with one of those sanding pads,sandpaper on a sponge.I think it is around a 220 grit and then went back over it with a scotch brite pad.Scrub good with a tooth brush and soap and thats it.They feel great now.
Those Gunners look great on that Kimber. I have really enjoyed mine, and I may have to treat myself to a set like yours. The Buffalo looks really good on them.
Love them gunner grips:


these next two were taken awhile back , some friends were visiting my shop and we were comparing carry guns.... yup all had Gunners


Bottom 2 belong to me , rest of mine were in the safe :)