Guns & Hinderers

Diggin that Tac45 Cooldaddy...I have a sweet little Ti accu on mine...I could see it flamed..that would be cool!
thanks fellas! I think the real focus here is Chems collection...Im GREEN w envy! :) Ano. king lol...the HK is my most accurate and reliable firearm...maaaybe she's misfired once? maybe? passed down from my father...we used to have a hell of a time shooting that one at the range, competing with eachother...if he was still around, he would have an XM in his pocket, you better believe that. I wish I found RHK years ago so we could have enjoyed it together. infact, everything you see there was my fathers, he was quite the collector. I was always the knife nerd, he was the gun nerd. good man. RIP Pops.
Thanks for sharing cooldaddy...your father had wicked good taste in pistols. I also feel the Tact45 is one of the most accurate reliable pistols I have encountered. :thumbup::D
Chem, lets see the rest ayy? Forgot to post these up, the twins! 24s...thanks for the kind words bro. I cant see anyone here without good taste, thats kinda what brings us all here in the first place right? He did have a wicked taste for collecting tho! ;)

You get my message bro?




My daily carry. Well worn Gen 2 Glock 23 w/Trijicon RMR, new XM-18 Spanto Flipper w/ ACU Camo scale (first Hinderer), X-Concealment holster and light holder, Novatac T-120 light.

I forgot about this harpoon grind, your window 23 reminded me.



Now on to some some of my very first Hinderer's

My first XM-18

This is the second one I got from Rick, and 1 of the first 3 carbon fiber scales

The third, and I still carry it today. It wears the above CF scale

Some Firetacs



I cannot forget the harpoon grind because that XM sports one of the most attractive bronze ano. treatments I've ever seen.

And that Flashpoint (or one similar to it) is on my short list of must eventually own.