Guns & Hinderers

Nice Slicer brother! I have got to get a custom slicer someday. The grind lines are mesmerizing...
I love this thread - have been absent from this forum for a while fellas buts it's great to be back and see all the amazing scores/pics you fellas have posted!!


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Mail call today, while not a skinner, was still pretty epic having produced Fieldtac #2!! And, thanks to an awesome friend and Herder, my FDE spanto gets to wear some green-black to match the new Fieldtac and Eklipse!! So - a green-black/FDE kinda day for me :)

The suppressor arrived this week too, so it's been Christmas in Oct for this kid! Now I just need to finish off this upper w/ a VFG and some BUIS (and let my shoulder heal from last Monday's rotator cuff surgery) and I'll be able to rock a bit quieter... ;)

Ok, one more pic before I put them away...

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It's been a fantastic week for me! Got my skinner, some bronzed goodness on the way and the lanyard bead already here.....AND the LGS was having a 15% off Ruger sale so I picked up a .357 SP-101 I've been lusting over. Can't wait to get her to the range this weekend!