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Gunsite II

Mar 12, 1999
Just received my Gunsite II. Great knife for the price.

Ironic that after the numerous Liner locks that I have bought I went back to a lockback.
I have gotten so tired of my liner locks failing the spinal tap test. The end of the line for me was when my Emerson Specwar could not pass the liner lock test.

I know that there must be some great liner locks out there but what does it take to equal the locking strength of a lockback. I hear that it takes tight tolerances to do this correctly.

For now when it comes to a life threatening situation the only folders I can trust in my collection are the Axis, Small Sebenza (integral lock) and Big and not as big Gunsite.

I might trust the Emerson to open the packages of other non-liner lock knives that I order, then again maybe not. (I guess that is why I have a Delica98)!