Feb 3, 2001
Is either the Spyderco Massad Ayoob or Gunting at all useful as a utility knife? I would like something different, but my primary reason for carrying a folder is utility. It would be nice to have a self-defense function, but these 2 knives look too specialized for me. Any thoughts? Or should I buy a LUM tanto or Chinook as a utility/ last resort self defense folder? Thanks in advance and be careful out there!
The Chinook and Gunting make great utility knives as well. It depends a lot on your preference of lock/blade type as well. For me, the Gunting has a great handle, compression lock, and I like the 2 7/8" blade length.

Try to handle both before you buy, or just get both like I did. I've never handled a Spyderco I didn't like.

Hello !

Both are really excellent utility knives.
The Gunting is easy to clean, really confortable for hard wood cutting and the CPM440V take and keep an edge which seems to last forever !

The Ayoob for a long curved blade which ask to be used in many situation. The
I don't know it a lot but it's really an everyday knife !

I have a Spyderco/Ayoob and it is most definately useful as a utility folder, for me anyway.
The radical forward cant of the blade allows one to make cuts without bending the wrist as much as you would bend it with a regularly positioned blade. The knife excels at slicing type cuts for me and is an excellent stabber for those of you who are tactically inclined. It centers quite well for me in thrusting tests.
The black Almite coated Aluminium handle has a relatively slim profile and carries well in the pocket.
The Massad Ayoob/Spyderco folder is a lockback, tip down blade design and the handle has double steel liners.
It has screw holes on both sides so you can convert from right to left hand carry if you so desire and the clip setup is such that it carries fairly low in the pocket.
The second I held this knife I knew I had to have it and so far I am extremely pleased with it.
IMO, it is a somewhat odd looking knife, but it performs well for my needs and in my book, that is more important than looking pretty.

Do yourself a favor and check this one out. It might be just what you are looking for in a "multi-task" type of folder.

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Thanks guys, your comments are insightful!
I do want a reson to buy more Spydies!
I usually keep my mouth shut on these types of things if I haven't handled all the knives involved. Since I haven't handled the Ayoob or the Chinook, you shouldn't give my words a ton of weight, but, here are my thoughts as they stand now:

I'll disagree on the one knife I've handled (but don't own), the Gunting. As a purpose-built defensive knife, I definitely admire its design. As a utility knife, I feel it would work fine as well, given Spyderco's usual good job on grinds & heat treat, and the fact that the blade is reasonably shaped. However, for me, one of the most important features of a utility folder is its carryability. Maybe I have to experiment more, but what with the "gunting" projection sticking out, it is not the most comfortable carry folder in the world. I knife that I can't carry comfortable all the times doesn't do it for me, for utility purposes.

I haven't even handled the Ayoob, so I'll caution you to not give my words too much weight here. But I've handled other knives with this basic shape, and while it works out well for some types of utility jobs, it works out atrociously for others. I'm not even remotely sold on this shape for defensive purposes, and for utility, would definitely avoid it. Again, though, I have not handled the Ayoob specifically. Maybe Mas has performed some magic that makes it work great in all contexts. Look at his previous knife efforts and see what you think.

Spyderco has other knives that I'd look at way before these two, if my primary use is utility, with defensive use as a backup. Of the other two you mentioned: The Lum tanto you mention is a cool knife, although I personally have little use for the tanto blade shape for utility work, I would take it before the gunting or Ayoob for utility work. The Chinook, if you can deal with its size and weight, has a very reasonable blade shape and handle for utility work. This would be my top choice of the ones you listed if I were willing to go with something pretty big.

Thanks Joe.
This would be a lot easier for me to decide if I could just buy everything I wanted!
Spydie of the month club-sign me up! It seems like some people can accept the limitations that the added defensive features of the Ayoob and Gunting add. I am sure that all these knives are wonderful, but for me personally ,even a fighting knife needs a utility function. Again, thanks everyone, I read and appriciate all responses!
Okay, here's a consideration I wonder about. How good an idea is it to try intentionally to have a knife do double duty? That is, any blade you have on you in an emergency, well, it'll have to do. But, I've often heard Sal advise against using the Civilian, for example, for utility because (it's not designed for it) if push comes to shove you'll need a razor edge. So with that in mind, is cutting "stuff" with your Gunting, Ayoob, etc. while carrying it as your "defensive" knife a smart idea? Obviously the Gunting's got many non-edge applications, but you see what I mean. Having an "average" edge on your knife from average use might not be good enough to save your bacon when the bell rings. Just a thought...
Okay, I see where you are coming from Tortoise. And I thank you for your wisdom!
But I keep my knives razor-sharp and unless you chop with your folder, it is unlikely that CPM-440V(Gunting) will be dull after a couple of days of moderate use. If I was a tradesman and needed to use a blade FULL time AND keep a serious defensive folder with me, I would use say a Native as a utility piece and keep a chisel edged Emerson for defense. I am just trying to figure out if I can justify buying the Ayoob/Gunting for occassional utility use, and I will be very happy if the defensive ability is never used. But it is nice to know that the knife is capable of defense if absolutely needed. Thanks Again!
Hi Joe. I couldn't help but respond to your post. I am here to change your opinion about the Gunting. Yes, it makes a great utility knife, but it makes an even better defensive tool. Have you tried the new kydex holsters for the Gunting? It makes it soooo much easier to carry and less obvious. You can have them custom made to fit on your belt, waist, or inside your pockets. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the blade, and to each his own.

Joe, I would love for you to come to my seminar in March in Miami Beach. You can be my guest, (that means I won't charge you). I have lost count of how many people have changed their opinions about the Gunting once they have been shown all the cool things (mean and nasty things) you can do with it. (It makes the size of the knife bearable to most) I'm not challenging you or your opinion in any way, I just want to be given a chance to try and change it. I you don't, that's okay. We are all entitled to our opinions. Yes, it is big, yes, some may even call it ugly, but I love it.


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