Gunting Knives......pointless????

Jan 2, 2003
What exactly is a bevel?

The question on gunting knives was not asked to offend anyone. I personally wouldn't invest that type of money in a gunting knife just yet, considering I know nothing about most knives as it is. I don't think I would be ready just yet to own a gunting knife because I need to learn the basics of knives first before investing so much money into something I know so little about. I understand the importance of learning self defense and how helpful it is to know how to protect yourself just in case you need to rather than endangering yourself by not knowing how to use a gunting knife if that situation came up.

I live in a pretty secure area, so maybe I don't see the importance of protecting myself as others would see it, but I do appreciate the suggestions.

So basically, I have to buy a gunting knife, learn how to use it and get used to it, and then I will gain the true knowledge of why gunting knives are so great. Well, I'll just have to wait til I get one to understand. Alrighty then.

Oh yeah, the question about bevels, still stands if anyone wants to answer that one.

One more question, I know what a gunting is, but what is a drone?
Well, most police officers never fire their pistols at anyone, either, but when I proved to be the exception to the rule I was glad of the thousands of dollars I had spent on pistols, ammunition, and training, and fired one effective, accurate shot in a crowd. (Yes, I had to wait a moment for the shot to be safe for all the good guys present!) By the way, I like the Gunting knife, too, and carry one every day. Even without the ramp, the blade is of a very useful and conventional shape. The ramp gives me options in opening the blade, and is especially handy when wearing gloves for reasons of protection or warmth. I see you are new to the forum. Welcome, stay, and learn, but please realize that questions such as yours will irritate some people. Training is very important to many of us here. Part of my job is training and evaluating the rookies. Your question is a "rookie question" and that is not meant to insult you. We are all rookies at some point in whatever field of endeavor.////Wow, Kate, you are editing your post faster than I can respond to it! My preceding posting was in reply to your first question, not the bevel question. I will leave the bevel issue to the technically minded guys. I will leave my answer to your first question, though.
Personally I don't really see the point either. I love Spydies, and I always have one with me, but the Gunting just looks rather foolish. I can see its usefulness as a Self Defense tool plainly enough, I just don’t like it.
As for the self defense/money wasted situation... I think you would be amazed at how much money is spent gleaning knowledge on the subject. I think a lot of us would carry guns if given the chance. When it comes to your own personal safety wouldn't you rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it? :rolleyes:
Think of it like firearms training and safety. Lets say a person buys a firearm for home defense. If this person is smart he goes and gets trained in the use of that firearm. Not only the use of the firearm, but the legal resposibilities that go along with its use. To own a tool and not know how to use it is possibly more dangerous than not having the tool in the first place. I own lots of knives. I own large knives like the REKAT Sifu, and small ones like the Camillus EDC. I collect, I use and I enjoy them for their design differences and their beauty. I just bought the Gunting and drone and those tapes. I will attend a class with Bram this spring if he makes it up to Mass. My manlyhood does not feel any more bolstered by my possession of the Gunting than it does with any other finely designed tool. If I train with this knife/impact tool and never use it for defense,Great, I will still use it as a knife. After all it is still a nicely designed tool for cutting, and as such can be used for daily chores and never be used for defense. I think the key is that if you wanted to use it for defense and you are trained with its uses that way you are way ahead. Physically, mentally, and legally you are better off training and not using that training. Than you are not training and doing something that gets you dead or in jail. This is my take on your question at least. Good luck in your search for knowledge!:)

BEVELS?? The question changed as I was typing my answer. Confusion:(
Kate, manhood is also not the issue. Look at some of the lengthy posts on the Gunting, and see all the women who are fans of the Gunting, especially in the Vancouver area. When the smaller Tusok is marketed, maybe more women will be interested in the concept. Weapons such as the Gunting are wonderful in that strength becomes less important for self defense. I have two bad elbows, one bad shoulder, and two bad knees, and nobody will mistake me for a male fitness model. Tactics and force multipliers are much more important to me now than twenty years ago.
This may be my lopsided way of looking at it, but Gunting itself is not all that pricey. I spent as much on it as I did on my Chinook or Military. Even without training (which I don't have but plan to begin acquiring shortly) it is a rather nice knife. Sure it looks a bit goofy, but some here use it as a simple EDC and like it.

Personally, I bought one because it fit my hand like no other knife ever before (it has a very long handle), and only after that I began to discover things about it.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that it is a nice knife regardless of training. With training it becomes an awesome defensive tool as well. But living in Toronto suburbs where nothing ever happens, I guess self-defence is not a paramount issue to me either. I just take the occasinal class to stay fit and not to let my reflexes go dull.


Just my CAD$0.02... :D
If you ever get to see one of the Gunting training videos and see what the Gunting is capable of, you may change your mind. I find the design to be very well thought out and purpose driven.
Ms Kate:
self defense is part of our survival instinct..either we do or we don't survive..that's why there are still people alive today..
as for knives..Edged tools? you get several points for thinking, researching and attempting to find out about carrying & using edged tools.Good move! There are three classes of edged tools...
EDC- Every Day Carry SDR- Self Defense Response MBC-Martial Blade Craft...Many edged tools fit into more than one catagory...
Women have a greater need to understand self preservation...self protection....women have an absolute right to protect themselves.
I have taught for AWSDA: American Womens Self-Defense Association.I have many women who I have taught the use of Edged tools..
My within my system: the instructors number quite a few women..For an edged tool is the universal equalizer..
It takes no strength, it basically takes no skill..Rule #1 Steel cuts flesh.. Rule #2 you can't change rule #2..Rule #3 Unless you have on a blue suit with a big red S on it Rules #1 & #2 ALWAYS apply...
therefore skill is at a minimum level in regular usage while the need for skill comes in intercepting a knife attack and countering it..something that happens alot in practice but rarely on the streets...
An edged tool can be carried on your person, as a last resort to protect yourself...( no I don't mean termination of the bad guy..just bio-mechanical stoppage!)

AS for the Gunting: its designed to make use of gross instinctive motor skills..and it is the first edged tool to be design to be used CLOSED in a non lethal mode..It is also designed to move through the force continuum from Non lethal to less than lethal to lethal if need be and back endless supply of almost instantaneous options.,,
It is the world's ONLY KinOp opening knife..If it can touch you it can open through kinetic transfer of energy..Like a turnstile, the faster it is moved the faster it opens..
So it can open without actual finger action within the flow of usage..

Yes..It has EDC options..yes its got SDR options but the Gunting resides firmly in the MBC world...
It enhances martial arts used by the user..

Mercury Haze:
Carry a gun? not in most of the US or the world..And if you CAN carry in one state you can't carry in another..
I can carry here in Florida..but I can't in other states..There's lots of places here in Florida I have to LEAVE my gun..cause I'm not allowed to carry it..And a carry permit is not a usage permit in reality!
You'd rather carry a gun? its not an up close and personal tool..Only non firearms people think it is..
And firearms need constant training and drilling to be useful..
One has to go through lots of rounds and range time to get good...
not to mention care of the firearm...
A firearm is only as good as the person trained to use it...
It certainly won't do basic chores ;like an edged tool.
And within 32 feet the edged tool is the king..
That's right.. the distance accepted of usage..21 feet has been increased to 32 feet...That means I ZAP you with an edged tool BEFORE you ZAP me with your firearm...
That's what we teach @ the agencies..
looks foolish? It's said that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,,
Tactical Response Magazine and Tactical Firearms and Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement have called the Guntings looks "sexy..Sexy curves that beguile the eye while hiding the fact that they are the key to a complete self defense system..."
Massad Ayoob of LFI has called it a "historic event" in the history of knives..."Sweeping curves that cause great pain.."

Many agencies, LEO programs, military units, Body Guards, Elite Protection..and martial arts personel carry the Gunting or a version of it in today's world..
I guess it depends on what you want from an edged tool..

The GUNTING System has exceeded my original design ideas..It has made me proud by working real time in real life encounters where pre- described actions don't work..
And its saved alot of lives of the users..

Thanks for thinking of a Gunting and asking about it..
Be safe..
I missed the original post before it was edited so this is just blabbing but anyway...

The Gunting online and on paper and from word of mouth is almost less than impressive in my experience. Once you get the 'feel' for the knife and train with it and understand some of its basic principles then its design and purpose become clearer.

The more I train with it the more natural the movements and way of thinking become.

Training with Ms. aXed has been pretty good most of the time. I've learnt with the G that strength and brute force don't always count for a lot so long as the skill is there.
since no one has seemed to answer that last question about the drone...
The Gunting drone is the training version of the gunting. You know it's a drone when you see a gunting in red g-10. It has no edge or point on the blade, and the horns and ramp are rounded off.
It is a good idea to get one of these to practice with. Keeps training safe for both you, and your training partner(s), and also gives an awsome feel for the knife.

but besides that, the training drone can also be utilized as an impact device, sorta like a kubaton.

It's also, great for spreading cream cheese for bagels n' nova! (right Bram!?!:D :D )
My mom thinks Porsche 911's are ugly. Performance rarely has anything to do do with appearance.

There are a lot of great looking, neat knives that handle like a brick in the hand.

You would have to look pretty hard to find a tool/training package better than Bram's "G" system.
My 14yr old niece loves the drone! If you can,ck out the tapes,are they as good as a Seminar with Bram,In my opinion NO,nothing can compare with working with Bram but they WILL cause you to want a G & take a Seminar with Bram!I've gone to two Seminars & will go to more ! By no means am I rich but I enjoy learning & slamin & jamin with Bram,never felt like I wasted my $$ either!By no means am I fantastic with the G but I feel I can handle just about anything that I encounter!The options it allows you to have are amazing!Anything I can do to help,mail me & I will try to answer any questions you may have. You may notice,the people who take Bram's seminars are very supportive of the G & Bram,Bram has caused us to be that way,hard to be any other way ,when you meet & listen to Bram!

what was the point of this post? : ) j/k

since i guess i kind of missed the point, i'll just rave about the Gunting then

IT IS SO AMAZING! kate, train with mr bram frank sir and you will get addicted
my most recent purchase of the Drone has been, let's just say, better than chocolate? ;)

i recently trained with BOK and Bolo, never had so much fun kickin ass, those guys are tough, but not too tough for good ol' aXed

oh, and the question with the bevel, erm... i'm not too great with terminology, but i think the bevel is the type of grind on the knife? you know, there's your appleseed, hollow, chisel, etc etc.

i dunno, i'm sure BOK will know

that is all! it's been a long time huh guys?
Bram, your CCW permit is good in 14 other states. Florida has reciprocity with many other states so your permit can get you safely to canada if you chose your route carefuly.

and as for:
Guntings looks "sexy..Sexy curves that beguile the eye while hiding the fact that they are the key to a complete self defense system..."

No. Sexy is not the word for the gunting. Sadistic, Effective, sure.

Sexy? Maybe its just me, but I just can't get hot for the gunting.

If the gunting looked like a Sig-220, then it would be sexy. As it stands, the gunting is about as pretty as a glock.
Meaning its NOT.
The Drone pretty much is pointless. The horn still has a bit of an edge. I enjoy seeing the the dialated pupils and the stange expressions on the faces of those finding out about the effectiveness of that pointless tool for the first time ........ :cool:
Thank you for the literal imterpretation of my post!!
Really..I just learned joking..
thanks memnoch!
That my CCW Permit is good in 14 other states..
Florida sure doesn't make it known to us..of course neither do the other states...I'm suprised it's not a listing in my NRA magazine..That would help keep us-me informed..( sure it is..third page bottom left corner and use your NRA decoding ring!)

Good point by all of you that the DRONE IS pointless and edgeless and sharp-less..ROFL..

Thank you all for the care and time in posting and for those asking questions..

OK I have to ask..What's a bevel got to do with a Gunting????
I know the ramp,( upper & lower) the horns, the choil, the spoon clip, the persian butt......the bevel?????
Did I miss something???????

Bram, go to for information on state carry laws and reciprocity issues. I am going to get a pistol carry permit soon, even though I am a police officer, because my peace officer license only allows me to carry inside Texas, and outside Texas only while on police business, whereas many other states will recognize a Texas carry license now. (The bill allowing peace officers to carry in all 50 states failed once again in Congress last session, but it came close.) Memnoch, I agree Glocks are ugly, but SIG pistols are ugly, too, IMHO, except for the SIG 210. Now, that is one beautiful pistol! :) I am showing my age, I guess. To me, blue steel and walnut, and preferably a revolving cylinder, make for a beautiful pistol! (Yes, in Texas a revolver is a pistol. If in doubt, look at Sam Colt's early ads for his line of revolving pistols.)