Gunting Sheath by Skunkworks

Having myself carried the Gunting in a variety of ways, and not seen much about carry options, I figured I would comment on the sheath offered for it by Skunkworks. This is a kydex holder, with a "J" or "G" clip (not really sure of the difference between these two), that snaps onto one's belt and holds the Gunting in a tip-down position. The sheath itself is very well made of thick kydex, and accomodates the knife with clip. This is a Good Thing, as the clip is an integral part of the ergonomic design of the knife.

There are a number of advantages to this. First, it keeps the Gunting out of your pocket, and hence less likely to get in the way of your hand when getting out keys, coins, or whatever else is in there. Second, it removes the temptation to unclip the Gunting and slide it into the pocket, as I and some others have done, cutting open their pants. Third, it makes the Gunting less obvious to the casual eye, and pretty much undetectable when one is wearing an untucked shirt of reasonable length. Access to the Gunting is about equal, I find, whether carried cliped in the pocket or in the sheath. However, when drawing the Gunting, I find I get a more secure grip on it when pulling it from the holster. I should also note that the holster only allows an upwards draw, and not a snap draw, in which one would push the knife forward and through the front retention panel. I would guess that this is in the interests of increasing security. Problems with this mode of carry? If not wearing an undershirt, I find the ramp can dig into my skin a little bit. Not excessively uncomfortable, but not pleasant either. Wearing a tucked in t-shirt easily solves this problem. Those of you who are unhealthily skinny might not have this problem, but I do.
The only other problem I can see is that if one is wearing a parka or other bulky jacket, it would probably be more difficult to get to the Gunting conveniently. Aside from that, I think the sheath increases convenience, reduces the "knife" signature of this blade, and increases the safety of carrying it by making it less likely for the blade to be inadvertently opened by the ramp catching on something. All in all, this is really a good way to carry the Gunting.


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Dec 25, 1998
Any pics?

I really want the Gunting with a drone and sheath. I just haven't found the best place to get them.

Dennis Bible

Sorry, I spend all my money on knives, not computer imaging stuff. I got mine from fellow forumite fourcycle. Good service, plus he had them in stock at the time, and nobody else did. You can get them for cheaper now, but I'm not sure whether knifecenter, for example, actually has them in stock. I'd try calling a few places. I too want a drone, and the video series, but there's other stuff I want more right now. Maybe in a few months.
Put the other stuff on hold & get the tapes! Bram is GREAT! Fourcycle is one of the
"good guys"! Hope he has an extra LEFTY at Bram's Seminar on Miami Bch.I have one & can't say enough good things about it!
Burke, I purchased one of the SKUNKWORKS' GUNTING holsters from Terry(fourcycle). I can push the knife forward through the front of mine easily and it still retains the GUNTING quite securly. Have you tried to push the GUNTILG forward with your thumb and than out? This is a quick secure method of drawing the knife for me. I am under the impression that this is how the holster was designed to be used.

From under my shirt if I had to pull the knife up and out it would be slow and my shirt would get in the way. I just push forward and down and it is out from under my shirt in my hand securly and ready for action.

Later, Jim
Hey Knifethrower, thanks for the tip. I used to have a REKAT Pioneer, with the break-front kydex sheath. With that you could just push the knife forward. With this sheath I find you have to pull it up a little before you can push. For me, it works about as well to simply lift it straight up. This sets the knife up nicely for a cross-body blow with the butt of the handle, while your way sets the knife up more for a jab with the ramp (IMHO). But hey, that's what so cool about this knife, all the different ways it can be used.

About the tapes, yeah, I really should get them. Birthday coming up in about three weeks, maybe I'll use some money from that towards the set. I'd really like to go to one of Bram's seminars, but he doesn't seem to offer them in Western Massachusetts very often (no surprises there).

Hey Burke....

From the picture I can't tell what clip is on it,, but a J-clip looks just like a "J".

A G-clip looks just like a "G".

The G-clip is a full circle,rather than just a "J"..

Hope that helps..



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Gee.. I go to western Mass alot..even up to Greenfield, just south of where I used to live in Vermont...
Guess you weren't looking for me..
my mom still lives in CT..I'm a good New England yankee..

I'll try to have Bo Bo ,,or Ralph or Richard to sponsor another seminar up there soon...

The GUNTING draw is vertical..WHY? to mimic gross motor skill of cover up..secondary was to get it out front.. fast. It will do either.
When engaged it's NOT a fist load draws very very quickly into Tomahawk position..( easy to hammerwith gross motor skill and the get away-keep away syndrome!)retraction then easily feds into a bio mechanical change-gross motor change into fist load..

I wanted to work with the easiest gross motor skills one can do under stress not prerecorded " I'm gonna do this when the BG does that" type of stuff...

My glock breaks out vertical..I push it forward AFTER it clears my holster..same with my GUNTING..

No..I'm not a skinny little guy..
I practice different exchanges and recovery from different positions depending on what I wear..

Of course I also have knife pockets on the outside of both legs of my pants..

have a great day!

PS If you can't find what you want contact SKUNKWORKS..have Frank make you exactly what you want..

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No kidding...I used to work in Greenfield, only live about fifteen minutes away. Shoot me an email next time you're in the area. I'll buy you lunch.
I wonder if Skunkworks can make a break front sheath for the Gunting?

Dennis Bible

Hey Bram I am with Burke. Give us a heads up next time you are up this way.

Shootist, my SKUNKWORKS holster is a break front holster. It does seem to work a bit better if you push it "up" ever so silghtly. But it does come out the front horizontally. Maybe mine is different?
hello burke,
Thank you for the kind words, and you're pretty on the mark as to what I took into consideration when I designed the gunting sheath. btw I designed the "breakfront" sheaths for the pioneer and the pocket hobitt. The reason why this is not a 'breakfront" is because the gunting is not a knife that depends on "centrifugal" force to deploy the blade, it is a more advanced design(thanks Bram & Spydco) furthermore, other knives do not have a tomahawk option and/or make a poor fist load because of their inherent design. If you or anyone want to deploy the gunting straight forward, then I may suggest my newly designed shoulder sheath. I invite any forumite that has any questions to e-mail me or phone 509-534-6113.

Frank Skunkworks
Gee Guys.. I'm going to see if I can really get a few seminars together up that way..
I still fget up there a few times a year..
lets work on Ralph Mroz....ROFL..

SKUNKWORKS makes really outrageous Plastic..
His kydex is truly functional..for Firearms & steel...
plus he makes a mean custom knife..
Ok Swords as well..