Gurkha House & Craig Gottlieb

Apr 27, 1999
Hello all. I'm a newbie to this forum, and this is my first posting. I was up until the wee hours over the past couple of nights reading the threads on the Khukuri knives. I've wanted one since I was a kid(with a full head of hair and good eye sight) and decided that, since the IRS was generous enough to send back some of my own money, now was the time.

After reading all of the test reports, comments and suggestions on the forum I chose to place my order with Gurkha House for a WW II model. I chose the WWII because of its slightly longer blade, nothing more concrete than that. I used the online system on Craigs web site to place my order late last night.

Today I received an e-mail from Craig confirming my order but advising that the WWII model was out of stock until next week. Because of the waiting period Craig offered to send an accessory for the knife as a good-will gesture. That was the first of my surprises.

I sent Craig a reply and asked if he could change my order from 1 WWII model to 2 of his Service #1 models. One of these was to be shipped to me FedEx overnight. The other was to go to my cousin in PA. Craigs web site is still under construction and does not yet have the capability to handle this type of transaction (mulitple destinations on one order). A few moments after my e-mail went out, the phone rang. Surprise #2. It was Craig calling long distance about my order. He confirmed what I wanted, confirmed the shipping addresses and then advised that the FedEx overnight was very, very expensive and asked if I was sure I wanted to take this option (I didn't in the end).

After going over the details, I got a few more surprises. When I told him that the cost of the 2 knives was in error (in my favor) he told me that he gives a discount for multiple orders but, as yet, doesn't advertise the fact. The final surprise came when he told me I was free to trade the knife in on a bigger or smaller knife in his inventory if I wished.

Craig is a really nice guy who, by his own admission, is still learning the trade. But, you can tell from talking to him that he is an honourable man and sincerely loves what he does. He made it clear that he wants his customers to be happy and to come back. I'm happy and I'll most certainly be back. All I need is an excuse to buy another knife.

Hey Craig, keep one of the Presentation models on the side for me. My Black Lab will be 5 years old in June. I KNOW he'll want one for his birthday.

Blackdog, I have spoken to Craig on several occasions and my impression of him is a very good one. Have fun with your service model.
Thanks Cobalt, i'll enjoy it i'm sure. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. Now where the heck is the mailman???

Una salus victus nullam sperare salutem. -Virgil
I think you will find Craig is a good guy to do business with. I have had the pleasure of many conversations on the phone with him. Be sure to tell us what you think of the knives he sent.

A guy will get a big head around here! Thank you for your comments. I will certainly try to live up to the comments.