H.I. Custom Karambit

May 29, 2007
One New “H.I.” Custom Karambit. Never carried, used, or sharpened.
For those of you who don’t know of H.I., they are IMHO one of the finest producers of traditional Khukuri. H.I.’s are “Extreme” heavy duty choppers.
This Karambit is not in their catalog, and they only produce a few a year.
This Karambit is hand forged from high carbon spring steel and is mirror polished. It has a 5 ½” inch long blade, with an overall of 9 ½”. The blade goes from a HUGE 3/8” spine thickness just in front of the handle and tapers forward to the point and rearward to 3/16” at the ring. The ring is 7/8” dia. It has about 1 ½” of sharpened false edge. The scales are fashioned from water Buffalo horn. This SHARP and ready to chop, slice or dice anything.
NOW $90 plus shipping. NOW $SOLD$ Plus Shipping, MUST SELL


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