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H&k 91

Apr 16, 1999
Dang it I missed out! this guy in my area was selling one in the paper for 695$ and I should of picked it up.

I was just wondering how these would compare with the AR-15 in case I come across another one.

If you find any more at that price, buy me one too. HK 91's in excellent condition comand about $ 1800 - 2000 in the marketplace. Its also 7.62, while the AR 15 is .223 or 5.56 mm, so any comparison is moot.
I have a mint condition pre ban H&K 91.It is an excellent rifle and I think it is heads above the 2 A-R 15s that i used to own.It never has never malfunctionedin any way.Heavier than an A-R but the .308 will put anyone down.I have seem some beat up ones at gunshows for $2500, I would let mine go for $4000 with the 800rds plus extra mags,case scope mount and scope.
in my area '91's run about $2500 to 3K if in new condition - a friend has 1 pre-ban w/the fixed and folding stocks and all the accesories i bet he has 4K invested in it - just the folding stock was like $500 - but yes $700 is a helluva price - they are really good rifles, though imho not worth 3K, not to ME anyway - if i want a 7.62 battle rifle, i would get an M1A -

but you know what? i HAVE seen some '91s that are rebuilt w/parts (ie parts guns) by century arms and others for as low as $500, they usually call it a G3 or CETME, and these are shoddy looking imho, doesnt look at all like a H&K though i guess they are - they have a plasticky looking reciever - i bet this is what you saw!!!!! they also make a FN FAL parts gun w/a short barrel and compensator, they call it a jungle carbine, they run about $600 or so, have ALMOST bought 1, have heard good things about all 3, but the looks of the G3's turn me off - www.assaultweb.com has bunches of stuff on all the rifles mentioned under main battle rifles...

Does anyone have a comment on the Springfield Armoury version of the HK? It seems like a very nice gun also. I have one of their 45s...it is a nice piece.

Originally posted by wabi
Does anyone have a comment on the Springfield Armoury version of the HK? It seems like a very nice gun also. I have one of their 45s...it is a nice piece.


I used to have the Springfield Armory's version of the Belgian FN-FAL, called the SAR-48. It was a really smooth shooting gun. It was the .308 caliber, too. 5 20 round mags, nice scope on it. I sold it one summer when I was short on cash. Sold it for $100 more than I paid for it.

I have the Swedish version of the HK91 (AK4) and i just don't like it.
It never seems to fit my body no matter how i try.
I wished i had a FNC instead....

The G3 is an excellent weapon, very reliable, but i just don't like it's ergonomics.

Haven't used an AR to be able to say aye or nay, but i do like it's ergonomics.
These lovely guns :)
great gun....at that price your really missed out...as two accessories for the darn things can cost you that much.....work all the time, shoot straight.........but I never could get over that 16 lbs fully loaded (bipod, scope, all the bells and whistles) and so I dumped mine......If you ask me the AR 15 is the way to go.... NATO ammo......easy to carry, parts everywhere, light gun, light ammo, and with a little work you can get them to shoot like a house on fire. I have owned about every HK in the book and sold them all....all except my Model 4 that I have had for 30 years and my squeeze cocker...just cause I like it. :)
The "right" H&K 91, and the right SA SAR 3 with the same set up, slim line fore end, para mags, tactical "snap" sling, and the rest being factory "stuff", can be a super sweet easy to carry 10lb. package loaded...

And the accuracy can't be beat...

I put 3 red painted 1 gallon milk jugs full of water on a desert hillside 600 yards away a few years back...drove back, turned around, looked, and couldn't see the jugs... :eek:

I spotted them, found the little red specks, and asked my bud to spot for me...

1st shot he calls "3 feet low" , and I'm on the 300 meter "wheel" rear sight...I move it up to 4...and aim a tad high, just over the top of the red speck..."boom" *poof*

"Gone, move left"....second target, same routine..."Boom" "Gone, move left"

Third target, "Boom", "Gone, nice shooting bud"... :D

These shots were made with a box stock SA SAR full stock rifle, shooting "Santa Barbara" Brazilian military ammo (I think it's 150 Gr., but I'm not sure about that...it may be 147), over the hood of a lifted Toyota truck, with a sandbag rest for my elbow...

The time was roughly 10 AM, 85'F, almost no heat mirage, no wind, and a friend with a spotting scope...

Did I do it, yes. Could I do it again, maybe. Was I just lucky that day...probably. ;)

On H&K parts...I agree with Tom, the Clawmount with a tactical scope could set you back a grand...not for me, too many knives to buy.

The collapsible 91 stock...Gawd, what an uncomfortable POS! The lower tip is all that makes contact with your body, and that's the collar bone..."Ouch" :eek:

Fun guns...I miss them.