Hallberg Talonite Utility

Oct 4, 1998
While I am on a knife reviewing roll I thought I'd show off this Talonite utility knife from Chuck Hallberg. Remember: Images in scan are less beautiful than in reality.


OAL is a tad over 7" with a 3.5" blade. Scales are desert ironwood with mosaic pins. Included was a very nice leather belt sheath. I work in a greenhouse and cut mostly soft materials: poly, plants, rope, cardboard. I wanted a blade with a lot of belly and this is it. It would make a wonderful skinner. This knife will cut through cardboard better than any knife I have experienced. It will take a razor edge (briefly) before settling in to a good utility edge. Between the slight palm swell and the bird's beak the handle really locks into my hand. It is truly a joy to use and has become my first and foremost work knife (putting a half dozen other knives into retirement). The bang for buck ratio on this knife is very high. Thanks, Chuck, for giving me the opportunity to own and use such a beautiful knife. There is a link to Chuck's webpage in my neck knife review.


You'd think I'd check the spelling closer before I posted.

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Hey, nice knife! Looks pretty ergonomic and that blade has plenty of belly while still having a decent point. You've got one great combination of design and material there.

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Nice knife! I think your brief, to the point description regarding the edgeholding ability of Talonite is the best I have heard to date!!It will take a razor edge (briefly) before settling in to a good utility edge.

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More knives in stock! New Talonite models soon!!
Hi Jack,
Thanks for the kind words. Glad the knife is working out for ya'. It was a lot fun. Your a great guy to work with. I'd try and post
pic of the both of 'em, but that would take
me longer to figure out than making them:)
Chuck Hallberg