Haller dagger

Jul 29, 2000
I just bought a large Haller dagger. The blade is about 5.5 inch, double-edged. It is only printed "stainless", so I wonder what kind of steel it could be.
I bought it for only about 35 dollars, so I don't expect it to be 154CM or something. It is a beautiful knife to have on the wall...
I never heard of Haller, but a search on http://www.google.com got me this website with 3 Haller belt knives about halfway doen the page. Are any of them like yours? They note the blade steel.


Belt kinfe the firm "Haller" from Germany
Stainless 440-A-steel
Scales of cocobolowood
Bladelength 17cm / 6 3/4"
Length overall 30cm / 11 3/4"
# F 21575
EUR 172,96

Belt kinfe the firm "Haller" from Germany
Stainless 440-A-steel
non-skid Elastomerhandle
Quillon of stainless steel
Very strong knife
Bladelength 26cm / 10 1/4"
Length overall 40cm / 15 3/4"
# F 20653
EUR 145,20

Belt kinfe the firm "Haller" from Germany
Stainless 420 steel
brown layerwood handle
strong Leathersheath
In the butt sticks a small knife
Bladelength 15,5cm / 6 1/8"
Length overall 29cm / 11 3/8"
# F 62201
EUR 58,--
Thanks for the info. After I posted the message, I did some research too, and found their own homepage:

Unfortunately, it's only in German