Oct 26, 1998
Just got back from the knife show where I purchased a HALO. What a knife! Smooth operation with intimidating opening. I was wondering though, has anyone had a problem with accidental deployment? Particularly with carries other than the supplied sheath?

Rumormill has it that a guy was carrying it in his pocket, without the sheath, when it deployed, severed an artery in his leg, and caused him to bleed out.

Carrying any front opener in your pocket is ill advised if it doesn't have a protective sheath. Heck, I wouldn't even carry a Nemesis in my pocket, and that has a safety! The nylon sheath isn't the best, but it's safer than having it right agaisnt your skin.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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MT has slowed their OTFs down a WHOLE lot. Having handled all the MT OTF, with the exception of the Hawk Halo proto, only the CFO and the HALO1 series would really do any series puncturing if held against flesh.

Now don't go out and stick you HALO2 against your leg to see how weak the spring is. It will penetrate, but not the full length of the blade, unless you have the composition of the mollusk. Some HALO2 have stiffer springs that others. For example my two black TiN coated ones, kick out almost like the inital series, but a BB HALO2 that was made in 97, sort of "jogs" out.

Now for the kicker, this was going to come out sometime on the forum, but I didn't know when.
While proofing a paper I was writing about the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828 and the concurrent rise of the 2nd two party system, without looking to secure a positive index on a Nemesis that I was holding, fired it directly downward into my palm. Yow! Talk about an attention getter, thankfully the spring was so weak that it only penetrated about 3/8 of the inch into my palm, easily patched up with some betadine and super glue. I have a pic of my hand if anyone would like to see it...

I suppose the thrust of the above paragraphs is that the RUMINT that some died due to hypovolemic shock is HIGHLY unlikely, and unless you have an older MT OTF, the likelyhood of seriously damaging tissue without trying, like I did
, is very slim.

As for a carry rig, Bob Dozier can make any kind of sheath you could ever want for your Halo2. I reccomend a neck sheath or a shoulder rig by him highly. There have been several folks who carry their Halo2 in an Uncle Mikes compact pistol holster in their pocket.

Bottom line, you purchased the best OTF made, and unfortunately will it will probably contiue to be the best user OTF (M6 is an a an extremely good substitute) for some time, until MT gets their act together and produces a production Nemesis that lists for the same as the HALO2. This unfortunately is highly unlikely.

I carried a HALO1 for two years and a HALO2 for one every day while on active duty, and didn't have one accidental deployment. But keep in mind that the HALOs were always carried in a kydex rig of some sort.
Hey Chokehold;
Pocketing an OTF without a safety seems risky
at best - unless it was one of those "NATO"
type mechanisms.
But just carrying (any) auto is risky as far
as breakin the law.
Also, trying to "quick draw" an auto, or even
a regular folder may be clumsy. I've often
seen them get tangled in clothes, body parts,
etc and even dropped! Carry a fixed blade. Ed