Handle/clip configutration of Cold Steel XL Clip

Jan 29, 2000
I am considering purchasing a plain edge XL clip point voyager for general utility use. I have not handled one, so will someone please describe the handle/pocket clip configuration? It looks like a Vaquero grip, which is good, but that would mean that it has a steel pocket clip (I assume). Could somebody clear this one up for me?
I have a XL plain edge clip point voyager, which i quite like. As far as the handle/clip configuration, im guessing you are wondering if its point up or down carry. Its point up carry. The only other help i can give you is that it is just like the Vaquero in all aspects except the blade shape and zytel clip. Hope this helps.
Well, i dont know about them being big here in nc, but there is a pretty cool cutlery store about 30 mins. away that has a huge selection of Randall made knives