Handle durability of XL Recon 1 clip point?????

Mar 17, 2016
Hi bladeforums..!!! Im new here.
Im confused that if there any metal lining inside the G10 handle of CS XL Recon 1 clip point plain folder? Can anyone help plz?
If there is no metallic framework inside, then how durable the handle should be? Or should I go for the Voyager or Spyderco Tatanka??
Please help me. I'm in an urgent need for a folder.
Unless the XL is different, no, it does not have liners. However, I have a couple of Recon 1s (tanto and spear point) and have zero concerns about the G10 handle durability.
Realistically, given the materials involved, the blade is more likely to snap before the handles. G10 is incredibly durable - it's not just plastic, but a fiberglass reinforced nylon.