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Handle Materials – Poll

Since usually I am an utilitarian I vote for the G-10 or go for Kraton.

I do not like wooden handles or, for that matter, natural materials of any sort on a working knife.

I do confess a weakness for the paua scales on a penknife my uncle made for me. But these dressy scales serve the purpose of making this penknife rival any fountain pen in my suit pocket.
My least favorite handle materials would be ossic and paracord. Paracord because my knives often come in contact with gore and paracord gets real disgusting real fast after it's been in blood and entrails; and ossic because I have taken a solemn vow to never touch another man's schlong, even if that man be a walrus.

I like the steel handle on my Project 1 because it's immune to gore and the checking gives it good retention charachteristics. The only environment it has a problem with is extreme cold, which isn't a problem for me because I'm not so found of artic temperatures myself and avoid such climates at all costs.

Wood is nice, but being that I spend a lot of time in swamps and such the water tends to cause them to crack in short order. Diamondwood is nice. Micarta ain't bad, and G-10 is starting to grow on me.

I hate stag horn, just looks, I don't know why but it makes me very mad. I like the way buffalo or bull horn looks, but I don't like it as a handle material usualy for the same reasons as wood.
Out of all the "what is your fav. handle material" questions that I have seen posted, everyone always talks of about the same stuff by in large.

I have never seen a posting about steel. I have seen many knives where the handles are damascus, or SS, etc. Have we forgotten about those? I hope not, those are some of my favorite custom knives. Let me know what everyone thinks!!

RCC, I do like a Stainless handle, or an Aluminum handle or especially a Titanium Handle.

Did you see the engraving that a now banned member had done on a Spyderco Rookie?

I am dying to get my hands on a Speedtech to see what the fuss is about, but it looks like I will miss the BAKCA show this weekend because of my mis-begotten brother-in-law. I wonder if they have built a Titanium model yet?

And when the BM 720 is available for a good price I will finally buy myself an Axis lock

Oh, and I just love what Darrel Ralph or the folks at Chris Reeve Knives can do with anodizing titanium. My large Apogee is stunning, and i think that I have shown off my decorated Sebenza often enough to be truly annoying
Oh, what the heck?


Very nice knives. I am jealous, I may need to soon add those knives to my collection.

This is interesting....

I don't remember where I last saw it, I
think it was @ the Blade Show this year. Both knives were damascus, it was a beautiful blackend damascus. From the handle to the tip of the knife, just really caught my eye. Had a very unusual pattern. There was a matching folder & straight knife. He even built a wooden case to hold these knives, and even the case had some damascus accents!! This fellow was just damascus happy. I really took a liking to it. I don't remember the price tag on it, but it was not cheap by the guess of things.

Stay Sharp.

Carbon fiber for me, no question about it. Fancy looks and durability all in one package.

I've also got some cocobolo in the shop tht I've yet to use, and it looks great also. But I'm always worried about wood cracking so I've been sticking to man-made materials right now.


Self improvement is a hobby of mine :).

I had to make a grip material decision recently for a custom knife I had ordered, and I had peace about it until now.
Thanks, guys, for putting it all back up in the air, again

Seriously, I looked hard at G-10. It has a lot going for it.

Indian Stag has beauty and utility.

In the end, I chose stabilized Desert Ironwood, also known as Honey Mesquite, because of its appearance, relative ability (for a natural material) to withstand humidity variations, and, I hope, having never handled it, its texture and feel.

Illuminating comment about paracord and gore.

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For an all-out user, I'd go with G10. Strong, secure, but kinda ugly. Oh well, it's growing on me.. too used to FRNR.

I LOVE micarta, drool over exotic woods, and worship CF. I'd be a little hesitant to use a fine wood for a hardcore user, but I have no qualms with the durability of CF and micarta.

The only thing I'm sick of is FRNR.

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Let me guess.

Fiber Reinforced Nylon Resin?

Sounds good to me. What didn't you like about it and where did you encounter it?

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I prefer natural materials -- wood, stag -- as a matter of taste, but for sheer utility it's hard to beat Kraton.
Natural wood for "warmth" and beauty. G-10 for just plain tough.

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3000+ members and less than forty have an opinion about what they want to grab when hoding onto a knife? Al least we got a better responce than the blade geometry thread, but come on!

Tell us what you like, what you don't like. Are you sick of G-10 on every knife you can afford? Are you addicted to Mother of Pearl? I like Cocobolo, how about you?

Lets hear it people, unless you all prefer threads like "Best knife for decapitating chickens"

G-10 for general utility use, makarta and stag looks good but nothing beats a nice looking slab of Mother of Pearl .Just dont drop it.

OK here's my ramble
For light use and lookin knives I prefer natural materials. Exotic hardwoods with lots of figure,pearl,abolone,ivory & bone for the non-metal parts.For the metal parts titanium,damascus & mokume.Although I'll have to go with Snick on the ossic,nothin I wanna be grabin hold of.
For using knives I like titanium,G10 & carbon fiber.But I'm sick of black handles(reason I ordered my Sifu in green).The manufacturers really need to start using a little more color.I've not bought knives simply because they're just more black handles.