Handle materials

Jan 19, 1999

I've been following these forums for a couple of weeks now, and have searched elsewhere, but I can't seem to find good discussion or FAQ about knife handles (such as I've seen for blades, for example). Personally, I'd like to be able to evaluate the comfort, durability, etc. of G-10 vs. Kraton vs. Dymonwood vs. whatever. So, if someone could point me at the relevant FAQ, or is knowledgable enough to provide the pros and cons of each type, I'd appreciate it :)
Check out Kinfecenter of the Internet. In their general knife information section they have an overview of the different handle materials.
Thanks, but I was looking for more than just one-line descriptions :) They don't even list Kraton or Dyamondwood. Anyway, I was hoping for practical evaluations of the materials. For example, I found one FAQ where the author says that Kraton rots after a couple of years. Disturbing, since I've been looking at Cold Steel knives :-(
So, maybe I should ask for people who have had long-term experience with particular handles?
Frankk -- I'm not an authority on Kraton deterioriation, but I've had a few for several years with no problems at all. FYI, I don't know how effective it is as a preservative, but I use Krylon industrial silicon spray on both Kraton & Zytel in storage.