Handle Size comparison: Old and New HR

Nov 10, 2005
The new HR handle looks longer than the old one.



"feel" ?

Thanks !
I'm not sure about actual measurements but the new LM feels much better in my hand. Just a personal preference.
this is my first rat so far.. tried to get the Scrapper 4 Infi at first but wasn't fast enough.

Though hefty the HRLM feels very balanced in the hand.. center of mass is ~1/3 of the way from the 1st to 2nd rivet.

I'm having a hard time finding Sheaths for my new Howling Rat!
I think I'd like to EDC it horizontal at small of back in a Kydex w/ Tek-Lock.. but I think the handle-heaviness would cause the HR to tilt down. Anybody carrying this way?

I don't have any previous HRs, and don't know how heavy Resiprene is.. but seems to me this new HR would be more handle-heavy compared to old HR.. since new HR's tang is as wide as scales, and old HR's tang is thinner..

(pic from Scrapyardknives.com.. but prolly similar to Swamprat's resiprene)
Here is an x-ray of a battle rat (same handle design as the howler)
I'll try to get a res-c howler comparison tommorow.;)

The Battle Rat has a larger handle than the old Howling Rat.

The Ratchet, Battle Rat, Camp Tramp and Scrapper 6 all use this larger size.

The old Howling rat has a much lighter handle. For example, I think my M6 is heavier than my Battle Guard. The Battle Guard is a whole lot more knife so that shows you how much weight the M6 carries in the handle.

On the other hand, my M6 chops pretty well but my old Howler isn't so great, it doesn't have enough inertia. Perhaps a heavier Howler will improve that area.

I'm waiting for a Muddy Howler so it will be a while before I know.
I love to see an x-ray of the smaller HR handle :thumbup:
A comparison with the Mudder handle would be even better
I love to see an x-ray of the smaller HR handle :thumbup:
A comparison with the Mudder handle would be even better

My scrapper is not here yet.
I will post x-rays of the 2nd gen howler, scrapper 4 and new howler by early next week!
The scrapper isn't here yet, but here are the 2nd gen and new howler x-rays:)


Mine just came in yesterday, wile I don't have an older HR, I do have an INFI Coot, GW & a Basic 3 for comparo:




There's definately a bit of weight in the new HR, but it balances nice. I did notice that the grips were on the "fuzzy" side when it arrived, lots of fuzz from the grinding op still hanging on. Edge is good. Needs a wee bit of de-burring by the tip, but otherwise good. Will shave on the back half nicely, front half catches, not cuts.
Handle is definately a bit longer.
those spine shots Really reveal the knives' balance, personality, & heft.. thanks for sharing.