Handle wrap on a Boye Basic 1

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Got a Boye Basic 1 on a trade with Knifeknutt and it begged to be wrapped, the handle is very small to hold and work with, so with the remaining scraps of Sting Ray skin, I placed them in the handle hollows and wrapped with the black lace, but this time I was a little bit smarter, the last one I did I drilled out a 3/8" hole for the lacing to wrap around the end, (and that was a real pain, it is HARD stuff!) but since the handle isn't round on the end it doesn't wrap well anyway. So this time I ended the wrap by threading the lace through the existing hole and then sliding the lace under itself on the other side and pulled it tight. The epoxy locks it into place so it won't travel, of couse now the older sheath wont work since the handle is thicker, so I made a nice small one just for it. Good luck Wrapping your all metal knives!

<font color=#FF0000>I highly reccommend that you tape the blade when trying this, it is very easy to get cut when flipping the knife over to do the wrapping!</font>




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That looks pretty good Gary. I was a little inspired by the previous example you posted, so I went out and got a book on knots & braiding etc to give it a try myself. Of course, then I'll need new sheaths to fit, right? Hmmmmm...
Hi Gary!
Looks cool. I have a Basics 2, and a Basics 3, and always wondered what you could do to improve the looks of the handles, and also would make them a little thicker, and and fit better in the hand. I have seen them with wood inlays, and they look good too, but the person who did them charge more than I could afford.
Anyway, nice work on the sheaths too, as always.
Gary, I still get compliments on the sheaths you did for me daily.
Thanks again.
Thanks guys, it is pretty easy, I suggest that you practice the wrap on a block of wood to get the hang of it, you wouldn't have to use Sting Ray, I just like the contrast and the uniqueness of it. The handle is much easier to hold when cutting, it is a lot smaller than the Basic 2 or 3, I had all of them at one time or another.