Handle wrapping - again

Mar 20, 1999
Has anyone had any luck wrapping the handle on a REKAT Hobbit Fang? I did my Woo the other night while watching Pretender and it turned out OK, but can't figure out what to do with the Fang. Due to the little finger grooves and curves, any cord or string I use ends up with spacing problems.
I'd be interested on any handle wrapping tips. I am trying to figure out how the Strider knives are wrapped. They grip very well, and it looks nice.
Have you tried taking perlon or diamond cord (alot more abrasive resistant than paracord from my experience) pull the center cords out, by pulling the center cords out it allows the cord to flatten and bend around some of the corners. I think I've got a little neck knife w/wrapped handle and finger grooves on my web page http://www.geocities.com/yosemite/gorge/1657
I would recommend starting at the center of the back hole and wrapping around the out side of the hole going opposite directions until you get to theouter most edge then lay one part against the tang and wrap around the full handle keeping tension and pushing the wrap tight against the previous until you reach the point you would like to stop. then end it in 1 of 2 ways either pull the end under what was wrapped by wrapping over a piece of wire or strong thread looped so as to allow you to pull the handle cord under the wrapping, my favorite tie it off with a turk's head knot (wood badge woggle) looks real sharp and no one will know were the wrap starts or ends except you.

a little long but hope this helps--wendell