Apr 26, 1999
By that I don't mean where you play with your knife.

How many of you out there buy blades and put them together.
I have made a few and have 3 to make for friends (payed for). My problem is pricing.
How much can I reasonably charge? I feel my attention to quality is very good. I work for a silversmith (trophy belt buckles gistsilversmiths.com) and have access to all I could ever want as far as machining and finishing goes. lucky me.
also Any opinions on blades etc offered by Jantz, Texas Knife Supply, K & G.
Would it be worth it to have my blades made by a maker ?
all comments & opinions welcome, Thanks

Don Juvet, Somerset CA

Alot of custom makers will make a kit version of some of their knives...try Rob Simonich. Many other makers will make a kit up for you if you ask. I am working on my fIrst kit knife, from Alan Folts. I do not have any experience with factory kits. I know the knife was given a kick butt heat treat by Rob Simonich (I have one of his knives, a Cetan, and it is way cool), and that it was sanded to 200 grit before heat treat.