Hanging blades on the wall.

Mar 5, 2000
I'm thinking about getting some of my knives and swords out of drawers and closets and hanging them on walls. Besides display cases, how do you guys hang them up? What sorts of hooks, brackets, etc. do you use? Are they affected by the elements? Any other general advice?
Hang them on a small chain or cord from a nail. You'll hardly notice nail or chain, just the big blade hanging there.
I have swords and knives hanging all over my walls. I just use nails, but these look cool:




Jason aka medusaoblongata
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Hi Yitz,
Good question. One word of caution though. Since I've seen some of your knives and know you own some very valuable ones, and the fact that you live in Brooklyn,USA, the garden spot of the world, some suggestions:
Make sure they can't be seen through a window.
Make sure they can't be seen when your front door is open, like by a deliveryman,UPS guy,etc.
Make sure they're high enough on wall so a small child can't reach them.
Make sure they're out of direct sunlight.

I was robbed in Sept. 99, I promise you it is not a good feeling. Fortunately for me, he only took the knives that were out(16), missed most of the good ones.Was caught 4 days later, but knives were gone for crack. He's doing 4 years but I bet he would have gotten more rehabilitation if they gave him to me for 30 minutes.
Sorry to go off topic Yitz, I get carried away about this. All I'm saying is be careful.

Thanks for the advice, guys. I already use rennaisance wax on everything. The fancy brackets are cute, but very expensive. I'd rather use something simple and have the focus remain on the knife. My expensive knives are in safety deposit boxes, but every once in a while I'd like to rotate them and display them, just to get reacquainted.