Hannibal Lecter uses Spyderco Knives

Oct 19, 1998
I just finished reading the novel "Hannibal", which is the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs. In it Spyderco knives are mentioned and used several times, at least once to kill/maim someone. The models were the Harpy and the civilian. I thought it was neat that they were included in the book, but it may be bad publicity. However I really enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who liked the movie.
I just started the book! Take a gander at Hearts in Atlantis by Steven King. No knife content, but a good book.
I wonder if press like this is Sal's waking nightmare.

announcer speaking into microphone:
Spyderco knives! Used by Hannibal the Cannibal and other discerning serial killers the world over. Get one TODAY!


So, what IS the speed of dark?
It is a problem. One that Spyderco is working on and AKTI will be working on.

Just proves that Hannibal Lecter is only crazy, not stupid!Even he knows the best when he sees it!

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if it is good enough for hanibal its good enough for me!!

i need a civilian!!!

If it's any consolation, the book does make it clear that Dr. Lecter demands the best in everything he buys.
As a matter of fact, Harris does go into some detail on the pots and pans Dr. Lecter prefers, along with a great picnic hamper complete with a brain saw (might have to look into that for the next moose or elk hunting trip), wine glasses, plates and wines. Incidentally, there is growing evidence from archaeological finds that cannibalism was common across North America, before Europeans introduced their 'civilized' culture, along with smallpox and measles. The Haida, for instance, practiced ritual cannibalism. The Caribes of Robinson Crusoe fame (or infamy) were real. A 16th century Flemish (we think) pirate, John Esquemeling, left a fascinating manuscript which relates several incidences of cannibalism. It was doubtless common in South America, too, and there's no question about cannibalism in Africa. Of course, people back then would probably be considered organically raised today (sorry, that just slipped out). Burp!

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if you put a positive spin on it, Dr. Lecter is a man of exquisite tastes. I don't have the book on me, but he is a picky picky man, and just wouldn't be the kind of guy to stab someone with a second rate knife

I guess it's a dubious honor
Although our knives were represented in a non-Spyderco style manner, one thing is apparent. Hannibal knew quality products when he saw them, from his food, his cooking utensils to his (shudder) choice of tool.

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