Happy 1 year anniversary to The New Survive


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Sep 28, 2002
Well folks, it has been 1 year (365 days) since The New Survive was debuted and I'm sure you all are as amazed at the progress as I am, so I thought we should commemorate.

the SK Series be regularly in stock and available for immediate ordering and delivery.
Please use this thread to post photos of your SK Series knives in hand and in use!

the introduction of the SK Series will speed up overall production by allowing the SURVIVE! Workshop to focus solely on fulfilling preorders
We've all seen the results of the above for certain. Please also use this thread to document your surprise over the speed at which your pre-orders were filled!

I know this forum has been a bit slow lately but we can change that. Possibly the wave of knife deliveries unleashed by The New Survive model has everyone out in the field putting their knives to use at all sorts of tasks, but please take some time away from the blades and give the whole team at Survive the recognition they deserve on this Great Day!
Weird, I must be getting old. It doesn't seem like that long ago. Thanks for the reminder!
Can’t go wrong with all the promises they have made. The statements made from management seemed to soothe the masses as always for a few months. But hey can’t wait for all the positive pictures and feedback from customers that have been made whole by this company. Also waiting to hear from the regulars and survive letting us know this time change is really comming.

Even though I am frustrated, I am going to try to stay positive
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When I see things like this I get a glimmer of hope...