Happy Accident With ZT Warranty Service

Nov 22, 2010
So I recently got my ZT0561 serviced for some lock-rock. I got it back yesterday, and as I would expect from ZT the knife is now perfect in every way with new hardware, a new Ti scale, and a new pocket clip. Good as new, except for one change...


I don't know how obvious that photo makes it, but that new Ti side is very glossy, and not stonewashed like the old one was... and that's AWESOME!

If you feel like digging through over a year old comments on ZT's Facebook page from when they posted up the original production images, I had honestly hoped for a finish like this to be available from the factory after seeing how the Ti scales looked right out of machining. So I guess I accidentally got my wish, and I'm totally okay with that.
That sounds like some good luck. I don't recall ever getting lucky in the manufacturer warrenty lotto, than again I never dealt with kershaw/ZT warrenty service (still need to send in my Tremor though).
sounds like they gave you a new frame:) I personally prefer my matte/stonewashed frame over the new glossy ones....but to each their own. Regardless....KAI still hs the BEST customer service team EVER!!!!
I just sent mine in a couple of days ago. How long was the turn around time. I know there site says 6 weeks, but am hopping they are quicker than that.

Just another shining example of amazing KAI warranty service! (pun intended) Personally I'll stick with the stonewashed but I'm glad it ended up even better for you.
To be honest, almost all knife companies' customer service really impresses me. I don't think there's many other industries where the companies take care of their customers so well.