Happy Birthday Laredo7mm

Jul 10, 2002
I saw on another forum it was your Birthday, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and see if you were going to the TrackRock Hammerin near Blairsville, GA this weekend? I am going to try and at least make it for Saturday. Hope to see you there. :)
Happy Birthday, Sean!

Give yourself a "whirly" for us! :D :eek: :D
Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Hey thanks all, I appreciate it. I spent my day in the shop, well 6 hours anyway. Got another pen done.

Tomorrow a new batch of sterling silver arrives. Not too much luck with the first go-round of Sterling/Nickel Silver mokume, so another 10 ounces should get here tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it to fuse beter than the last batch.

On the last one I saw the ends starting to go beyond the point of no return so I paniced and pulled the stack. Needless to say, the center was not fused yet. :mad: :mad: Why is silver so expensive? ;)

That should keep me busy tomorrow, then saturday I have a job interview in the morning. And then I get to go pick up my kid in the afternoon. So it looks like a pretty un-party like weekend for me.

Oh well, I more than made up for it last weekend. Jack brought his friend Jose and that is the last I remember. :D :eek: :D

Thanks again guys and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post some pics of the sterling silver mokume.