Happy Birthday Spark

Oct 3, 1998
I would like to wish you a great birthday. Sit back and relax today, you deserve it.
I told myself that since it was your birthday, I wouldn't post this...

Turns out I lied to myself:)
Happy Birthday
Have a good Birthday today, and treat yourself to the nearest nudie bar!!!!!! You have been working too hard and you deserve a night at the nudie bar!!!!!!!!!
Born on the 4th of July.....

In celebration we have decided to lanch some fireworks in your honor. If, you watched some of the firework displays yesterday, many of these were a little larger than they use to be, we arranged the extra stuff just for you. :)

Happy Birthday,
Thanks guys

Forum owners ain't got time for not stinkin' birthdays!

Hope is was a good one Spark!

Happy birthday Sparkles!
So why is Spark's ugly twin sister's picture posted here? Guess it must be her birthday too.

Happy birthday!! And many more.
Yeah, Happy Birthday Big Guy!

I hope it is a Custom Birthday and not a run of the mill Production Birthday. Make everyone unique. ;)

Paracelsus, making life more or less interesting
Have a Happy High-End, Handmade, Limited-Run, Customized to your specifications Birthday!
Happy b'day.

You may think I'm late, but I'm not.
I did write you an e-mail, but didn't send it yesterday to save you time. But I found this thread only today.