Happy Birthday, Ted Nugent!


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Nov 28, 1999
Happy 56th, Tedly Von Nugentburger. May the rockin go on for many, many more years!
Great Gonzoes!

Happy birthday, and heres to 50 more years of hippie-bashing, meat-grillin, gun-shootin, rock and roll.
Dang, so the Motor-City-Madman is actually OLDER than ME???.:D.

Happy Birthday, Ted.
COOL!! The Nuge kicks A$$.

Sweaty Teddy was born right here at Fort Benning in the hospital on post.

He calls up the Opie and Anthony show from time to time, fires off some rounds, and goes on 20 minute tirades about the evils of liberal America. Gotta love the guy! He may be extreme, but I could listen to him talk for hours.

Yep, Ted needs to be heard. They should put him on one of those liberal talk shows, and let him rip into James Carville. I know who I'd put my money on. ;) :)