Happy Halloween From Benchmade!

Oct 2, 1998

Happy Halloween from all of us at Benchmade!

We had our annual Benchmade Company Halloween costume contest and pot luck luncheon yesterday and wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Halloween.

Just to prove that we’re in the holiday spirit, here are some photos of our costume contest winners (above) and most of the people from our day shift (below).

Just so you know whom you’re dealing with, starting from left to right:

Mr. Potato Head, our Assembly Team Leader Deb Buffum

The Clown, our Parts Warehouse Attendant Theresa Loftin

The Wicked Witch of the West, of our Warranty and Repair Department Angie Loftin

The Bum, from the Assembly Department Jean Curlee

The Grim Reaper, our PC Admin Tech Rich Milbradt

The Ghillie Suit man from our Customer Service Department Dave Mallery

The Bone head, from the Assembly Department Zona Smith

The Victim, from the Assembly Department Nancy Dean

The Jack-O-Lantern, our building maintenance man Dean Adams

The Big Boss Man, Les DeAsis.

The Custom Knife makers, The Benchmade first shift team (Below)

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Yeesh. And we buy knives from these people who dress like this?

I have to say the scariest one there is the "Big Boss Man"

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I wonder if employees get free knives as a benifit for working there. If so - I will fax my resume tomarrow!
That would certainly be a better perk than all the free ADVIL I get working here!
So Mike, where's your picture, cutie-pie?

Antonella Giordano

My former user ID was "Antonella"--it's still me!
Just look at the thread titled "A man is measured by the size of his....".

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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