Happy New Year and a Toast to James!

To Jim and Bob, may they be remembered when ever ya look at a fine piece of steel or ya feel the need to get a little "hot" with someone when talking about knives.
Happy new year to all!!You all really do mean the world to me. Thanks for everything that has been, and everything yet to come.

To James!


Louis Buccellato
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To James !

Happy New Year and New Millenium to all!

"Good tools to sustain life, or at least make life more convenient"
-James Mattis
I would also like to say a toast to Mel Sorghis knives were not only unique but they were very functional. I did not know Mel but he was a member.

I apologize if I have left out other members that left us...I know I have.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

Buck Collectors Club-Lifetime Member
Happy New Year to all, and to James and all of our gone-but-never-to-be-forgotten brethren.

Happy New Year!!!

I raise my glass to James....This one's for you.

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