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Happy New Year

Feb 24, 2006
It's always good to get the year started in the right direction. I went down to a gun auction this morning in search of a shotgun and wound up bringing home a 165OT as well as a 787 in the old plastic tube. The 165 I got for $35, it's a walden with quite a bit of patina on the blade but other than that it is in really good shape. The 787 was $25 which seemed like a steal to me but I don't watch them very closely on ebay. Its tang reads SCHRADE over N.Y. U.S.A. over 787. IMPROVED MUSKRAT KNIFE is etched on the blade and the etching is in excellent condition. I'm going to attempt to post pictures so we'll see how it goes.


Handle that 165OT a bit and you'll see why I've stuck with it for so many years! I see it is stamped tang right, is it serialed on the left or right? I have one with that stamp, unserialed. I keep a survey of the numbers to see when the changes were made.

Nice buy on the muskrat too!

*sniff* I miss my 165, I guess it is gone as I can't find it anywhere. I can replace it, and will do so, but I have had it for so long, a different 165 just won't be the same.
Off to Ebay....................
Michael, I can definately see what you're saying about the 165, it feels very natural in your hand, I wouldn't mind having about a dozen or so. It's not serialized.

Silas, a dozen or so is still not enough. Trust me. You need at least one to put up and admire, one of each generation of the Uncle Henry versions with Staglon handles (3), one to rehandle in an exotic stabilized wood or mammoth ivory, then one from Ducks Unlimited, a Sears version (there are at least three versions I have identified), then one with the hunter orange Delrin handle made for SMKW some time back. Of course there is the old Federal Duck Stamp edition, and a few were made in birdseye maple for the 100th anniversary.

Mountainwind, good luck with your quest. And watch out for the new Taylor Chinese copies. Some sellers are quite careful to obscure identifying marks on them. There are several nice users on right now. And replacement sheaths are still out there. I predict that your original knife will surface sometime after you buy the second replacement. But not before. So if you want to see it again,...off to eBay...just don't overpay.