>>>- HAPPY NEW YEAR -<<<

Oct 2, 1998
I would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year!

This year has been an extraordinary one for me and I hope all of you have had a good one as well.

BladeForums has been one of my best achievements this year and I hope you have all enjoyed this opportunity to share your hobby with others.

I would also like to thank our moderators for their help in making our site a success. You guys are a terrific bunch and the knowledge we all share in here is unmatched anywhere else.

I would also like to thank some of our special guest members who have so generously shared their experience and knowledge with all of us. The list is too long to name each of you and I would probably miss one so to all of you a very special thanks!

I would also like to thank Spark for putting in the long hours to make this site run smooth. Without him I would not of started these forums in the first place as I simply do not have the time or the knowledge of running this type of a site. Thanks buddy!

And my highest level of gratitude goes out to our members. Without you this place would not exist at all. Thank you for also giving me a great experience here and allowing me the time to rant on about various things. You guys are great and I consider you all friends.

When I created this site I wanted to make it different than the rest of the forums you have all seen and visited. I wanted a more relaxed atmosphere and yet maintain a vast resource of knowledge we can all share. This is a hard balance to maintain but I think we have done a great job so far.

Many changes are on the horizon so stay tuned. Also our new cover will go up tonight at midnight so make sure you check it out!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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I’d like to wish all the great folks I’ve met here a Happy and Healthy year in 1999. Your all wonderful people willing to help each other out in a true community that shows caring and kindness everyday.

May God continue to watch over us and help us help each other.

Take Care,


"Every Dog Has His Day"

Thanks to you, Mike and Spark, for the effort you have put into making this a nice place to visit and a prosperus New Year to you both.
And Happy New Year to all fellow knifeknuts and forumites !
Thanks guys for a informative 1998 at Bladeforums. Here in Sweden 1999 is already 3 hours old but it sure looks like the old one

To all of my fellow forumites, I wish a happy new year. I've had a blast being a part of BladeForums, and one of the things I really enjoy is the sense of community we have here. I've met many wonderful people here and some of which have become good friends of mine. Here's to 1999 guys! Cheers.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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I think Mike may have something else to do this evening, besides picking a number!
I know I can wait until later. Perhaps he will be just hung-over enough to pick me as the winner!

Chad Burns

p.s. Happy New Year to all!!!!!
Yeah right, everyone knows that if mike gets really boozed up He'll pick ME.

Have a good one,

"There are 2 kinds of people in life. The ones who don't post on this forum and the ones who are going to heaven" ;)
Merry New Year to all.
While I've only been a member for a short
time, I have truly enjoyed myself. Very
classy site, Very classy people.
Happy 1999 and I hope everyone is ready for Y2K.


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Happy New Year to all my friends here on the forums and chat.
You guys (and ladies) are a part of my everyday life and I appreciate you all.
I trust I have not offended or insulted anyone. If so, I apologize now and in the future.
You are indeed my friends. Take care.

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