Happy New Years!

Dec 13, 2005
Well, it's after midnight here on the East Coast, so I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! :)
Indeed it is,Timmee. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all from the northern edge of N.Y.!!! When the clock struck 12, I had a blade in hand and BF on in the background.Can't start the new year any better than that.

Wishing a safe and profitable year to all!

Happy and safe New Year!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year all! Here's hoping that your old tools keep running, your new tools are better than the old, and your blades stay sharp!

Happy New Year to all, may it be a great one for you and your family :D

Larry T
happy new years. stay out of trouble. and remember dont drink and forge.... er wait a min i take that back but have a happy new year anyway
Happy 2007, everyone! We wish everyone a year of wellbeing, love, and fulfillment! :thumbup: