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Hard Use Knives

Oct 3, 1998
Hard use knives seem to come up repeatedly. Microtech is coming out with the Ampibian, Emerson claims to make knives built for abuse, and everyone touts the durability of a Sebenza.

Is there a knife out there that truly takes abuse and continues to perform, or are folders nowadays basically precision tools? Do folders either have to be "users" or defensive weapons, but not both?

What do you guys think? If there is no such animal, what would you tell a manufacturer to include in his design to really make a folder that can be abused. A liner lock? A rolling lock? What kind of blade? What size? Etc...

I'm really interested in what everyone thinks.

There are many folders that I think make good hard use knives. My Buck Strider, the AlMar SERE 2000 and the new Strider folder are just some examples. IMO a fixed knife will still make a better hard use knife, but some of the new locks are so good you do not have much of a worry about the lock giving way. Still though, you can build a stronger more rugged fixed blade that will stand up to hard use better.

I trust my AFCK.
Just a few minutes ago one of my roomates got the munchies. All we had was a few cans of beef stew but no can opener. Out came the M2AFCK to the rescue. Now he's microwaving the stew. The edge was no longer razor sharp but just few alternating strokes on the sharpmaker brought it back to the sharpness it once was. The AFCK is definately a user in my book. However, judging from its name Advance Folding Combat Knife, i'd say its a tactical as well

Keep in mind though: different folks, different strokes.
IMHO, the problem of hard folder use is not the lock but the pivot.
Quarterstaff, you and/or your roommate might want to consider getting your hands on one of them new-fangled Swiss Army knives, I even hear they have some sort of blade designed to open cans! What'll they think of next!?
Hard use knives? My choices would be:

Microtech SOCOM Elite
Microtech L.C.C.
Benchmade Pinnacle
Al Mar SERE 2000
MOD Tempest
Buck Strider
Spyderco Military
Outdoor Edge Magna
CRKT Crawford/Kasper

As far as Emerson knives, when their QC improves, I may consider one.
These knives can take any thing you can dish out. RKBA!
1. Spyderco Endura
2. Cold Steel Voyager
3. Spyderco Native
4. Buck 110
1. BM 710 Axis
2. BM 750 Monolock
3. Sebenza
5. ATS-55 Spyderco Endura! (cut a tin can in half and survived! Still sharp and usable after that!)


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My MOD CQD has held up to use as a pry bar as well as other things you are not suppose to use a folding knife for.