Hardening Stainless ??

Oct 16, 1998
I'ld like to know if I can harden stainless at my shop or should I send it out. I've got some 400 stainles that I picked up in scrap yard. Can I heat this up to non magnetic like carbon steel ? Some one tolled me they thought that I would have to go higher than that, to around 2000 deg. And what about the quench ??
Any help here would be appreciated.

Dave, it all depends on what type of stainless it is? Is is 440, 420? Heat treating 440 goes like this.
Air Harden from 1850 to 1950. Draw at 325 for one hour. It should probally be in a oxygen free atmosphere, or wraped in heat treating foil. If you have an oven that goes up tha thigh you can do it at home, or send it out.
Hope this helps,
If your stainless is 410, or 416, then it won't suffice for a blade. You can use it for guards, and bolsters though. If it is one of the 440 series, it can be used for blades, but the temperature required, is in the 1850+ degrees F, and must be held there for certain amounts of time.
Gentlemen, thanks for the help and info.Unfortunatly I dont know what grade of 400 series this stainless is. Any idea on how I can find out? If not maybe I'll just use it for guards or practice, or door stops, paper weights, what ever.
I do have some ATS 34. Can you help me with the hardening and draw temp on this?

Thanks again, Dave