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Has anybody seen these 'bushcraft' dvds??

Discussion in 'Wilderness & Survival Skills' started by brewcitymike, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. brewcitymike


    Aug 26, 2011
    I came across it on ebay while looking for survival and bushcraft dvds. They don't cover a lot of the topics I would have hoped for but they might be worth a try. They are costly though-$36/ea.!:eek: It's called Pioneering:The Longhunter Series and they have 4 volumes thus far.

    Also I am trying to obtain as many survival/bushcraft/wilderness skill oriented dvds as I can because they are always good watching so I'm greatful for any titles you might know that fit the criteria.
    Here's a list of what I have so far:
    Hoods Woods-
    Survival Basics 1&2
    Advanced Survival Guide
    Woodsmaster vol. 10-SOLO Camping
    Woodsmaster vol. 11 Survival Camping

    Dave Canterbury's Primitive Skills 1&2(didn't like this one)

    Ray Mears'-
    Extreme Survival-complete series(season1-3)
    Northern Wilderness
    Bushcraft vol.2(just ordered and on it's way)

    Dick Proenneke-
    Alone in the Wilderness 1&2

    Happy People:A year in the Taiga(this don't play in my region free player so I'm lucky I watched most of it on Youtube:))

    Birchtree Productions-
    Bushcraft and Survival vol. 5(not great, but other volumes seem more promising)

    Les Stroud-Snowshoes and Solitude

    The Alaskan Wilderness Adventure(a documentary from the 70's filmed by a family living in the Alaskan bush-pretty rare find I think)
    ...and my DVR has most of the Survivorman series, Man vs. Wild, Man, Woman, Wild, Dual Survival, Out of the Wild:The Alaska Experiment, Apocalypse Man, Mountain Men(new series), Alaska:The Last Frontier, and the documentary by Ed Wardell-Alone in the Wild.
    And for 'Hollywood' movies I have Jeremiah Johnson, Man in the Wilderness and Mountain Men.
    -And I have watched 'Far Out'-Heimo's Arctic Refuge a couple times too.

    Now I know I have quite a bit but I know there has to be stuff I have never come across, so if you have suggestions I'd love to hear them. I am partial to winter/arctic survival and skills.
  2. TedPalmer

    TedPalmer Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 27, 2003
    the Mark Baker series is "experimental archaeology" . He is a well known and highly respected reinactor of the 18th century. I enjoyed the series quite a lot.
    I have about all of the Ray Mears DVDs and have watched them repeatedly over the last several years. I just discovered a new one with him and Ewen Mcgregor in Honduras that was good. It was on youtube.
    you will want to get the other bushcraft set and the other extreme survival if you can.
    Have you seen any of "the bushtucker man"? I enjoyed those as well!
    hope this helps...
  3. collecter


    Aug 21, 2002
    I find the videos by Ray Mears to be most enjoyable to watch. He has a humble way about him.
  4. TedPalmer

    TedPalmer Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 27, 2003
    I forgot to add that you can meet Les Hiddens "the bushtucker man"
    on the series "Ray Mears goes walkabout" another excellent series.
  5. scruffuk


    Jan 14, 2010
    You don't get that time back you know! This series is terrible!! My buddy has it and we once watched it backed to back (I think we were hung over....it seemed like a good idea). Nothing in there isn't already covered elsewhere.

    As for the other region stuff...perhaps I can help?

    Drop me a PM ;)
  6. brewcitymike


    Aug 26, 2011
    Thanks, you have helped a good deal and I will check out bushcraft man asap. I own seasons 1,2 & 3 of Extreme Survival and was under the impression that that was the entire series. Is there a 4th season? I checked ray website and only see the 3 I have.

  7. bigcountry1315


    Aug 3, 2009
    An interesting read is,"The Final frontiersman". It is the true story of Heimo Korth who left work as a factory worker in Wisconsin and went to Alaska to try to be a mountain man. It goes with his up's and down's and how it took him 2 tries to do it after almost dyeing the first attempt. The book is written by his cousin who went up above the Arctic Circle and lived with him for a while to get the information to write the book.I found the book a fascinating read with the truthfulness in the writing.The other DVD I did not see listed was John "Lofty" Wiesmans survival DVD.
  8. brewcitymike


    Aug 26, 2011
    I didn't know Lofty had a dvd, what's the title? And I have seen Heimo's documentary on Youtube called Far Out-Heimo's Arctic Refuge which was really good. But I'll check into the book too as I'd like to hear a little bit more about his life in WI he left behind.

  9. marthinus

    marthinus KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Dec 10, 2006
    Dick Proenneke is an amazing man. You can see some of his things on youtube and his cabin is now a national monument. He was the first Les Strout :)
  10. macmiddlebrooks


    May 24, 2010

    +1 on this....I was awestruck at pretty much every frame....I would love to have half his skill at knocking out furniture like it's a grilled cheez :).

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