Has anyone attempted to Frankensein a 0551 blade/Liner with a newer 0550 frame-lock?

Mar 5, 2009
Stupid question, I know and I completely understand it voids the warranty, but I've got a 0551 thats been sitting in my collection and I couldn't stand not to use it like it should be, so I put a nice edge on it and started carrying and using it. I really like this knife, but I've always sort of wanted the newer style Lock-bar/pocket-clip.

Now recently my 0551 developed the tiniest bit of lock-rock (I didn't notice it until I chucked it into the Wicked Edge for a touch-up and went to wiggle it to make sure it was secured in the chuck and noticed a faint click - when I looked further I saw it was just the handle and it was just barely moving).

Now 2 things here - 1.) I am not the least bit worried about the faint amount of lock-bar "movement" it currently has as the lock is still very much holding with no issues and 2.) I understand Kershaw's awesome customer service will absolutely take care of me with no issues...

But I like to tinker and to be honest, the idea of having ELMAX steel in a new-style lock-bar setup (with a low-rider pocket-clip) sort of fascinates me. I've voided the warranties on other production folders before and was more than happy with the results and I was cool with accepting the risk.

My immediate plan is just to keep using it and see if the lock-bar settles in or if the lock-rock gets worse. But I'm just considering the possibilities, should I decide to tinker with it in the future.

Anyone attempted this or know of a good reason not to (i.e. the new-style is a completely different design, or screw-holes don't line up, etc.)?
You should be able to just swap out the blades without issue. I have made scales for 0551's using my 0550 without issue several times. I also make them to fit both generations of 0550 without a single problem:D
I have seen one on the forum. You should be able to swap it out. IIRC the 0551 was just the 0550 with Elmax and a different G10 scale.