has anyone done a review on the m16-03z?????

In general, the CRKT M16's have been reviewed a lot. Bottom line is get it if you like it, it is a good knife. I personally never owned one, but handled a good amount of them. They are really quite nice for the price.

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
I don't know if I've seen a review, but I carry one daily. It's my weakside carry, because I'm not very nimble with my left hand and that flipper makes it quick and easy to open reliably. Mine was kinda gritty and rough for about three weeks, but with constant flipping that whole time it smoothed out completely and now it's just as smooth as my KFF was out of the box. Put some kind of coating on the blade, because bead blasted AUS6 will rust - mine started to and my knives never rust. I consider it to be an excellent knife and I would recommend it.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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I have one , but havent used it much yet, ive found that soaking the blade in breakfree for a couple days will help it resist rust for a about two months, you still need to keep it dry, but it makes a difference when carrying it in damp enviroments, i do this to all my beadblasted blades. aside from aus6m, cpmv 440 will also rust if its a beadblasted blade. this happened on my first kershaw avalanche.