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Has anyone else's Leatherman Micra order been lost?

Early last week, I wrote the folks at BuyItOnline and told them I never received a confirmation for the order I placed on 8/31/99. They responded the same day, saying that they never received my order. By that time, the price had gone up, and I didn't want to re-order it, so I just accepted the fact that I wouldn't be getting one of these neat little contraptions and I didn't pursue it further.
Today, I got a confirmation of my order, the one placed on 8/31/99!
The purpose of this post is to advise anyone else whose order may have been misplaced, and to advise them that they might want to contact the company.
If I'm the only one this happened to, well... heh heh.... just ignore me.
I posted an order as well. I talked to someone last week and seems there were over 2000 orders using that coupon. I guess this proves the power of this forum. She said they had no idea how that many orders were made so quickly. Mine still hasn't been shipped either. She told me they had to pull the coupon and the company was really concerned about filling all the orders. I think they are taking a loss on the deal. My credit card hasn't been billed either, so I am out nothing for now. This could take a while longer. I think we will see BladeForums changing the tune of the knife industry. Keep it up guys!
I also ordered on 8/31. I had the same problem, their computer couldn't find the order. All my friends that I told about the offer had received their confirmations, some had even got theirs already. I thought mine was lost too. I finally got an e-mail confirmation (not shipped yet!!!) today. Who knows, it may still show up.
Let us know if you do not get your Leatherman. If not I will try to make a deal to get us but it won't be the same price as that was below cost.

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Mike Turber
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I also placed an order on 8/31. Called them today, when their customer service site couldn't find my order. They still couldn't find it, but three hours later, I got an e-mail confirmation. There's still some hope I may get the order.
I did not receive a confirmation of my order.

Would one of you others who has called them put the phone number in here for all to see and use?
Here's a quote from the email they sent me:
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us toll
free at 1-888-266-1117, Monday-Saturday, noon-midnight Eastern Time.
(I haven't called them, only communicated with them via email: odworld@aol.com)
Good Luck!
I received an order confirmation and today I received shipment notification in the email. I still worry though because there is no UPS ground service to Alaska. I don't know what they'll do when they find that out.

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I ordered a Micra on 9/1/99 and it was then confirmed in an e-mail. I still have not received it. I went to the UPS web site and the tracking shows that it was picked up by UPS on 9/3 and that it is due to be delivered to me on 9/14. 11 days coast to coast, just another UPS nightmare delivery.

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Both my wife and I ordered within minutes of each other. She recieved her Micra last friday, but I did not receve any word until today, when I got the same email as mentioned above.

I will let you know if the second one comes through.


I got mine on friday, second day air...pretty spiffy...I am sur ethe shipping was more than what I paid for the thing....Nice little toy, everyone should have one..these are cool.


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I will let you know tomorrow. It is supposed to arrive then. (Yup, I ordered one too, that price was too good to pass up. (Thanks Mike - It will make a good stocking stuffer or I may give it to a friend or customer since I already have one.)
From the time that I ordered it to the the I received it, it had taken only 7 days. I must have gotten in pretty quick before the rush.
2000 orders, that just boggles my mind.

And people say that we don't have an effect, jeez... Pay attention people out there- 2000 orders at $7 a piece, that's $14000, nothing to sneeze at. No big suprise they took a loss, I'm shocked they didn't take a severe beating on them.

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Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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As I posted elsewhere, I ordered when I read about it here, got a confirmation, and received it a few days later, so I can't complain. So perhaps I don't have a right to suggest those of you still waiting relax a bit - it sounds like they got overwhelmed and are trying to complete things as fast as they can. Give them a few more weeks.
I got mine no problem as well, they didn't even charged my credit card after I recived the micra, canuck is right, give them little time, it's hard to process two thousand orders!!
I got mine 2nd day air UPS last friday. That is to Hawaii, I KNOW that cost more than the $6.50 I spent on the Leatherman. Kept worrying that they would charge my credit card additional for the shipping to Hawaii but they did'nt. I hope everyone else's deal goes through, the Micra is a great product.
Hi, my first Micra just arrived in Holland yesterday. I had it send to a friend in the San Diego who then put it between the interoffice mail that get delivered by FedEx in 1 day. My wife's Micra order is supposed to arrive today in San Diego. Now hopefully they only charge the $6.48 for it.
If any of you find another bargain like this on any knife/outdoor related product POST it

Cheers, Bagheera

Thanks Fireprez,

I sent email and will call if they do not respond to email.

Small correction - the email should be service@buyitonline.com according to odworld@aol.com.

I'm still trying (my wife says I'm very trying at times!).

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