Has anyone heard from Mohd?

May 18, 1999
Just haven't seen Mohd around lately and wondering.
And since, "I think" Mohd is the
"HI Conscience Officer" maybe the "Khukura" thread has put him into
some kind of state or mental funk or something.:)

So has anyone had any contact with
and thought I'd maybe send him a private message tonite.

( msg just sent )
I miss Mohd.

I think the last time he posted, he was both busy and having technical problems.

Me, I'm just busy. :(
I am concerned about Mohd.

But that's too good a line to pass up. Technical problems is an excellent albeit uninformative explanation for the difficulties requiring ingestion of large quantities of soothing medications. Like the man said to the lady who inquired if his condition permitted alcohol:

"Ma'am, it absolutely requires it!"