Has anyone ordered from bladeart before?

Apr 17, 2000
No offense is intended to the people at blade art. I just wanted to check and if they were on the up and up as I haven't dealt with them before.


I've dealt with Larry as well as having some trade offers from him as well.
Larry@BladeArt is a great guy to deal with. Go right ahead and deal. No problemo.

You could check out the positive comments on the Good, Bad & Ugly forum as well.


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Yup. Larry & crew are super folks to deal with. They'll definitely do right by you.

FYI, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Forum over in the Knife Exchange section is a great resource for folks looking for references on knife sellers, both individuals & companies. A keyword search using "bladeart" turned up 8 message threads in which folks had good things to say.


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You'll be quite satisfied. They are good people.
I couldn't agree more...Larry is a great guy to deal with, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
Larry was very helpful with my purchase of a Wenger Mouse and an Allen Blade Talonite Chipmunk. I am very satisfied with the service.
I just placed my first order with blade art for a Wally Hayes Typhoon damascus neck knife. Hopefully, I will receive it within the next few weeks.
bimmer, you will like the typhoon. i had one. its a great knife.

larry is great to deal with. blade art is 1st class all the way.
Larry is a top notch knife dealer with very good connections in the knife business. I have had several deals with him and all were honest and pleasurable.
Larry and I just traded with each other. He was true to his word and was very nice...he even shipped the knife express to me which I was not expecting but very much appreciated since I thought he would just send it priority.

Larry if you're reading, I tried to email you but got a failure notice...got the knife. Thanks for everything!


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I have sold and bought from Larry and have nothing but good things to say. You have nothing to worry about if your dealing with him.
I hope there is not confusion between BladeArt and KnifeArt. The Larry I am familiar with is associated with KnifeArt and not BladeArt, even though there could be an equally as good Larry at BladeArt for the little I know about that organization.

I have dealt with KnifeArt several times in the past and I could not recommend a dealer any higher. Larry is great.

Yep larry is a super guy to deal with, i have had no problems whatsoever with the deals we have done on my knives in the past.

In fact everyone i have delt with here on bladeforums has been super.


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