Has Anyone Seen Robert????

Jan 30, 2008
Hi, has anyone seen Robert. I placed an order with you in May. June 2nd, my credit card was charged, June 5th you sent me an email that the item would be in that week. Its now July 7th, still no holster. Ive noticed in some other similiar related threads youve responded here. Ive sent you two emails through your website, and they have gone unanswered. Sorry to air out the dirty laundry here, but I havent had any luck in contacting you via email.

I'd just like to know when the holster will ship.
Hello, I am new hear, I also placed and order with Robert. I ordered an Optimist holster. I have left a few emails and a couple of voicemails. My credit card has been charged and I am wondering when it will ship. Also If you could tell me what carrier you will use to ship the item I would appreciate it. Thanks alot:

-Thomas Levins
I placed an order for a back sheath for a CS Laredo on 4/25 and my card was charged. Delivery was supposed to be 4 to 6 weeks. After 8 weeks - 6/24 - and several emails - I finally got a response saying that the order was on the way. That was over two weeks ago and nothing has arrived. No response to the email I sent about a week ago asking for status and, if possible, a tracking number. I understand that Robert is moving into a new shop, but this is getting disturbing. To be frank, at this point I'm also a bit pissed. I'm willing to be as patient as the next guy, but if there are circumstances delaying things, at least let me know what is going on. I doubt I'll be dealing with survival sheath again even if I ever get the sheath unless there's a damn good reason for this unprofessional conduct.