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Has anyone tested any RMJ Forge custom Tomahawks yet?

Dec 1, 1999
Just wondering if any one here has tested any of their tomahawks. I guess many buy them for display only, but I would like to know if any has bought them for actual use.
I just placed an order with them, BA. I should be able to post my impressions in about 5-6 weeks.


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I'll also be checking back for your impressions.

I want to get one of his hawks sooooo bad, however I don't think that I'll have the guts to put it through it's paces. They're just way too pretty.

Don't be too cruel to yours....OK?

--The Raptor--

I'll be happy to oblige, Raptor, but it seems like it may be a little longer than I thought. I was at his site yesterday & his lead time is now two months, not one.
It's probably just as well since I may not be able to get upstate much before then anyway.


He who finishes with the most toys wins.
I don't own any of his hawks but I have spent a few afternoons over at Ryan's house (since he lives only 20 miles away) and I can honestly say that he and his Dad take great care with each piece that they make. We made some Damascus Barstock together and then later banged a knife out of some of it, great learning experience for me.

When you receive the Hawks I feel that you will not be disappointed with their performance. You should post a review here when you have the time!

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I have a custom Hawk on order from Ryan. When I met him at the Vegas show, he told me that a dog sled racer in Alaska has been using one of his pieces hard for a few years and it performs flawlessly. I doubt that I’ll use mine, though I may smoke it from time to time.