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Has everyone gotten their Crash Rats?

May 31, 2005
I'm thinking I might be the lone exception. Amy-0 dinged my card on the 26th so I'm assuming it got shipped sometime mid-week last week.

Yeah yeah, give her a call. I'm just wondering before I go whimpering as to not pester her with needless issues.

I haven't gotten mine yet, but the Norwegian postal service was totally unprepared for Christmas.
I don't know when mine shipped, but during the normal season it usually takes a week from the US to here.
I won't be surprised if Christmas added a week.
It's OK though, what's a few more days?

Mine got shipped on the 22'nd and I'm still waiting.

I'm in California, the trip is pretty far but it shouldn't take more than 4-5 days.
I'm thinking I might be the lone exception. Amy-0 dinged my card on the 26th so I'm assuming it got shipped sometime mid-week last week.

Yeah yeah, give her a call. I'm just wondering before I go whimpering as to not pester her with needless issues.


does amy do the billing for swamprat too? i didnt know that.
She did for this one. To get them out faster, they ran thru the Busse house. Check your CC and it'll show the charge from Busse, not SRKW.

OK, so I'm not going completely nutso. I'll see what the mail brings tomorrow before I go off the deep end. :) Scrappy-do should be in tomorrow too!
Remember that the 2nd was a federal day of Mourning so the post offices were closed. Between that and the bad storms out west at Christmas time I think the Post Office is still trying to catch up.
22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. If it doesn't come today, that's 8 buisness days and a holiday (that I didn't get) yesterday for a package that is suposed to be delivered in 2-3 days.

The post office sucks!
Check with your local PO's, specifically ask if they have any packages for you. They are supposed to leave a delivery slip if they miss you with a package but they sometimes forget ;) I've had them take packages back to the PO and then they sit there for a week waiting for me to sign the delivery slip I didn't receive. We have also been told that some of the packages are taking as long as 10 business days to arrive because of the huge Christmas that they had, the storms, and the National Holiday.

Of course if you are concerned email me and I'll get as much info as I can for you.


Nothing today. Mailman says they gut nuttin for me. :(

I emailed you Eric. Thanks so much for all of your help.

To The best of my knowledge, it has not been delivered yet. No way I can check myself because I am nowhere near the address it should have been sent to, and I am not able to contact anyone there yet. Chances are I won't get to see it until after June, So I am not panicing yet.
Nope. Amy confirmed my CC info on, maybe, the 20th, but I never got a ship notice or a Crash Rat.

I emailed her a couple of days ago and feel confident I'll hear something. She's been WAAAAAAYYY too good to me lately for me to gripe much. :)
PM, I never got a shipping notice either.
Maybe I should ask if they have a tracking number, but I'll wait until after the weekend I think.

I did however get a notice on a SYD S4, but no tracking number.

Given the service level* of these companies, I have no worries at all!


*EDIT Just in case someone misunderstands, I meant "Given the great service level...".
I don't mind not getting tracking #'s. They drive me crazy, checking the location every 2 minutes.
When I wrote the post above, it was 6AM over here.
Got home from work and found two packages waiting.
One ax (I've got spell check on and it won't take "axe"?), and one scrapper 4!

I must've been quick with payment (paypal).

Anyway, what can I say? They're both excellent!
The Crash Rat was definitely worth waiting for, and I still can't believe how cheap it was for what you get!
You stink!

I've got steel coming from OH, TX, and ID and not a lick of it arrived today. :( Stupid post office! I could see ID and TX, but OH should be here in 2 days ALL the time. (I found out my Rat shipped Wednesday - WOOHOO!!!!)

No love for me until Monday - had it all shipped to work. BOOHOO HOO!!!!!!

I SHOULD have 3 packages on Wednesday. 2 Muddys, my Crash Rat and my first shipment of Scrapper4's. :)
Still no Crash Axe for me.

USPS tracking still sucks.

My Muddy Mojo and SS4's shipped later but I got them Wednesday.

10 buisness days and a holiday and it's still not here.

When I get it I'm going to take it to the post office and ask for the postage back. They clearly screwed up the 3 day part.

They probably won't give it to me, I just want to vent.
It has arrived.

It looks like the zipcode was obscured by tape, then the wrong zip code was hand written on the box, then the post office got confused and it took a long time for them to figure out that my city doesn't have the wrong zip code that was on the box, then they delivered it with a couple of axe head sized holes in the side but both Crash Rats were in the box so I don't need to complain.
I'm still waiting. Checked with the post office yesterday and they don't have any packages waiting for me. How's everybody else doing?