Has this happened to anyone? Help!

Dec 30, 2000
I have it Bad!

I buy a mini socom, I use it, and soon I had to buy three more (one to keep mint and one in purple and one in green.) Bought an LCC MA, and a BM 730 from Phil at 2thehilt. Love them. Bought another one of each off of EBAY at a great price. (can't stand the thought of using my 730 Ti blade and scracthing the black unless I have another one mint. Same with the LCC.) I have on order a SERE 2000 and SOCOM elite. I am afraid that when I get these from Phil at www.2thehilt.com (great gent to buy from!) I will have to buy another of each to keep them mint. I don't do this with my guns. I don't do this with anything. Why?????

I find myself checking out all of the custom knife maker sites. There is drool at my keyboard when I visit these sites........ Help.

Anyone have a name for this disorder?

My tax refund is now nearly spent. What am I going to do for another 6 months until I start my summer moonlighting job? Selling my Dillon press or one of my Browning High Powers has even briefly crossed my mind. Help!

God I love the smell of steel and titanium in the morning.

Sincerely, Mentally disturbed in Missouri

I once had so many Bogzuweski spikes I had to start giving them away. Don't be too worried; they are wrong, you can have too many guns but you can never have too many knives. The good news is, there is no cure!

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I agree with crecy, especially about always wearing under wear.
Disorder? is that what they call it? and I thought I was just having fun

Welcome to our nightmare commodore!

It's an addiction that most of us take great pleasure in and are fervently hoping that advances in medicine do not make it possible to cure this disease.

Start collecting customs, if there is only One knife in the world like yours, it will remove the temptation to buy more of the same.

Paracelsus, confirmed and committed knife addict (knife knut)
There is no cure and is progressive. after a while you'll even start circling the knife counter at wal-mart looking for sales.

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