Have I been rude to anyone

Jan 9, 1999
Hello all. Just a quick question if I might.
Has anyone ever known me to be rude in any of my comments or posts while here on the forums. Has anyone known me to be unitelligent in my responses so much so that I need a "frontal labotomy". I could copy all the emails from he and I and post them so maybe we could take a poll. Maybe this would make me feel better. Although it may not!! Depending on which way it goes. Anyways just curious. thanks
Just reading between the lines a little, it sounds like you have a discussion offline that has turned nasty.

This has happened to me more then once. Sometimes the written word does not come across as it was intended to all parties. Sometimes, the other party just has a burr under their saddle and you are the lucky recipient of their misguided wrath.

A clear headed intelligent response usually is enough to put things on the right track again but, if it doesn't you can always end the exchange and quit responding to the email.

Hope this helps,

p.s. I don't remember any "bad" posts from you.
Longbow, I took the liberty of doing a search for your past posts, and can find no evidence of your needing any kind of cranial adjustment, and in fact found that almost all of your posts have some kind of useful and intelligent contributin to the subject at hand. As far as your decorum is concered, I consider it above reproach.

In my opinion, sir, you are a gentleman and an asset to this forum, and I am glad that any slanderous comments directed towards you will do little to damage your reputation, as they would quickly be shown to be unfounded.

I for one look forward to your continued involvment in our community.

I concurr with St James, as I also did a check and read through most all of your responses or posts and found nothing to equate with a problem of being unkind or in anyway rude. Also as Sid Post mentioned the written word can be misconstrued so easily, take a sentence and have three different people read it and you might have three totally different points of view, but then it's great having different points of view, I'd grow tired of everyone agreeing with me all the time,....or would I ?


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Thanks for the vote of confidence. It is much appreciated. What it all stems from is multiple emails about MT's being in. After the first one I understood they were in. Didn't need the other 3. What I didn't understand is that his server barfed hence the multi posts. He suggested he was going to remove me from his dist. list which didn't really matter to me one way or another actually. Anyhow the mssgs. did get out of hand for which I regret that now. But when he suggests that the forums would be better off with out my input and that I needed a frontal
labotamy, well kind of irked me. Anyways it is much to nice of a day to let this get me down or angry. It is time to head over to the golf course and nock it about the fairway a bit. Oh yea Gary I will send a pic of the quiver and the idea I have for an iwb
sheath for the Boye. I know we can work out some kind of deal. What a knife it is. Oh yea I found my CUDA after 5 months too. Great day in the morning.
PS Chad I hope you are reading this(I know childish of me but couldn't resist). I feel better now.
Longbow; it seems clear that you have not misbehaved on the forum, as my esteemed fellow posters recall no such misbehavior, and further, a search of all your posts resulted in no evidence of misbehavior. My own recollections are in agreement with my fellow posters.

However, it is very easy for misunderstandings to occur on the net. You lack the verbal and non verbal communication you have in a face to face encounter.

Clearly, when a fellow poster suggests a prefrontal lobotomy be performed on you, effective communication has ceased, and the exchange has degenerated into a insulting contest.

I would suggest that you not post private e-mail unless you have been maligned publically, and feel you must respond.

FWIW, I listen to everyone on the forums. Some more than others, but I do listen to everyone. Walt
Doc you are absolutely correct. Should not have let it get as far as it did, and I should have not listened when the insults started in the first place.
thanks and keep'em sharp