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Have the kamis ever made anything like a Roman Gladius before?

Mar 21, 2000
You know, a 19" or 20" double edged straight blade, with the characteristic wooden pommel/guard and bone grip?
We made something similar but a little shorter. Of course, the picture of it is now gone thanks to that rotten Photopoint.
The Qama has a 17" or 18" blade with a long point (5" to 6" point). It is chiruwa style, with buffalo horn slabs for the handle scales. Is that what you're talking about? I'm including a link to a pic of a commercially available Qama<br><br>

<a href="http://store5.yimg.com/I/islamicshoppingnetwork_1643_4299642">Islamic Shopping Network Qama</a><br>
Now suppose the kamis can make something like that...how much would it be?
Don't know about the price, but Uncle has been asking for a scale model (wood usually)that the kamis can use to go by. Too much variation used to occur from pics and diagrams. Someone will be by to help soon I'm sure.

There used to be a picture of something close but Photopoint has it and they ain't doin' nothin' except cheating their customers.
They are made by Windlass Steel in India who makes the "genuine" ghurka kukri. I don't know if they are worth the 33 bucks. Your call.

( OK, OK already! The three in the basket behind me seem to be fair for the price. )
I know they're made by WS, but so is my Russian Kindjal that I had purchased from Atlanta Cutlery (as I have not yet found any other commercially available Kindjal). The Kindjal in my possession is actually fairly well made...I can see the tang, so there's no problem there, and the blade is decently shaped although the fullers could use a bit more work. The hardwood handle is okay and isn't cracking or flaking off. In my opinion...it's probably worth about 4/5th the retail price, which is saying alot for a WS product.

So...I figured that if they didn't screw up too badly on the Kindjal, then maybe it would be the same story with the Qama seeing that it is "chiruwa-style" construction and the blade is a simple design. UNFORTUNATELY Atlanta Cutlery does not hold backorders for international orders outside the Continental U.S., and the Qama won't be in until 1 or 2 months as WS is behind on orders. To top it all off, Atlanta Cutlery no longer ships by Postal Service, and to ship a Qama to Canada would cost me $24 by UPS Express!!!!!!!!! That's just a LONG KNIFE...not a sword!

Uncle Bill...you and the kamis are my last hope. I have spent the better part of an hour making a wooden model. I have already emailed you, and I will send the model to you soon, along with a spec list. Who knows...maybe it will become a regular item just like the stuff on the website?