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Hawks in the Snow

Ahaaa, Mr. Jones, that's a great picture, it is!! I like the facial sun screen. You look, well, maby a little ticked off....are you looking at that guy who drank the last cup of morning coffee before you got up?::cool:

Have you or are you forming any opinions about a hachet vs. a hawk?
To what purpose did you use the spike-end of the hawk? I like their looks, have read about their quality and am considering purchasing one. Let's see some more action pictures. That one was great!!

I think it was more like, "I'm hungry and these Met-rx bars are gettin' old REAL fast!" ;)

I haven't formed thoughts on comparisons to a good hatchet yet. I'd really have to do an A-B cpmparison side by side (now you've given me a new excuse to go back into the woods! :D).
The spike was used to for all manner of evil, from breaking up dead wood to splitting logs. If you scroll down the thread in the ATC forum, Ray, Ron, and I have now gotten into a pretty in-depth discussion.